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Reverse Action Tweezers
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Reverse Action Copolymer Tweezers




5" (127 mm) Reverse-Action Flat Copolymer tip tweezers on Stainless Steel body. Screw on replaceable tips. Tip size .080" (2 mm) wide. Softip™ tweezers are great for safe handling of delicate parts. Surface Resistivity 106 Ohm cm. Acetone and alcohol resistant, silicone and chloride free. Temperature resistance to 200° C (392° F). Made in Switzerland. Excelta Part # 179DN-RT Star
Cat# Price
9310-77 $ 63

Reverse Action Ceramic Tip Tweezer


4-3/4" (121 mm) Ceramic tip tweezers on a stainless steel antimagnetic body. Tips are made of Zirconia ceramic, which is even harder than Stainless Steel and does not contain carbon or other metal addatives. It offers good resistance to chemicals. White ceramic tips are antimagnetic (Zero residual magnatism) and microwave sterilization compatible. They do not produce metalic contamination and offer good thermal insulation for soldering; solder will not adhere to the surface. Ceramic tips are clean room safe. Working temperature up to 1093° celsius (2000° F. Made in Switzerland. Tip size .020" (0.5 mm). Excelta Part # DN277

Cat# Price
9310-50 Price
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