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Terra Part # 3031-79
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TrayMix™ S4 Hybridization Station
  • Capacity: 4 standard glass substrate slides running individual or simultaneous mode per module, and 16 slides running individual or simultaneous mode per module per computer using a 4 module(4 x 4) system
  • Microarray substrate: 1 x 25 x 76 mm
  • Hybridization area: 21mm x 60 mm
  • Hybridization chamber: 60 μl
  • Mixing loop: 290 μl
  • Optimal quantity of biological samples: 5 to 50 pmol
  • Injected volume of biological samples in pipette: 30 μl or 60 μL
  • Temperature range: 20-100° C +/0.1° C
  • Buffers and solutions: chemical-resistant to all standard biochemical reagents

  • Features advanced chaotic advection mixing technology
  • Micro-fluidic mixing technology
  • Hybridization chamber maintains consistent reaction volumes; rubber gaskets seal chamber
  • Software Upgrades
  • DEMO AVAILABLE – Schedule a demonstration unit at your facility for no or low cost excluding freight. Please contact Evan Messenger at 714-578-6124 ([email protected])

Equipment Type: Hybridization Station

Slide Capacity: 4 Slides

Complete Hybridization Station: Yes

Chiller Bath: Yes

Manufacturer SKU: TMHS

Unit of Measure: EA

Weight, Product: 42 Lbs

Dimensions, Product: 19"W x 4"D x 9"H

Weight, Shipping: 85 Lbs

Dimensions, Shipping: 24"W x 10"D x 12"H

Package Type: Box

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Features and Benefits

TrayMix S4 Features and Benefits

Four independent hybridization chambers. Each chamber accepts one substrate slide for a total of 4 substrates per unit

Chambers can be launched simultaneously or set to run different protocols via the user-friendly graphical user interface

Up to 60 μl of sample can be introduced into each hybridization chamber through dedicated access port. Gaskets (black), on upper portion of the lid, are used to seal chambers

Close ports prior to hybridization to prevent evaporation. System automatically delivers solutions into the 50 μl hybridization chambers when unit is programmed and substrates are in place

TrayMix S4 Automated Hybridization Station Chaotic Advection Mixing

Chaotic advection mixing assures that all biomolecules in solution reaches every spot on the microarray via microfluidic pumps combined with a mixing loop. The extremely complex direction and speed of fluids created by the mixing loop creates a chaotic movement, a very efficient way to mix low volume liquids in the shortest period of time. The chaotic advection mixing method in the TrayMix S4 accelerates hybridization kinetics by up to 90% and increases sample yield.

Static versus Dynamic Microarray Hybridization
Probe concentration
(0.1 µM)
Solution volume(µl)Probe quantity
MethodHybridization solutionFluorescent Mean (a.u.)CV
Static Hybridization505cover sliphomogenous55000.33
50050TrayMix™ S4homogenous385000.56
Dynamic Hybridization50050TrayMix™ S4homogenous114740.18
50050TrayMix™ S4non homogeneous118230.17
Average fluorescence values and coefficients of variation (CVs) measured under different hybridization conditions (2 hours of hybridization).
Probe quantity
(5 pmole)
Solution volume (µL)Concentration (µM)MethodHybridization solutionFluorescence mean (a.u.)CV
Static hybridization500.1cover slipHomogenous55000.33
Dynamic hybridization5000.01TrayMix™ S4Non-homogeneous64520.16
Average value for fluorescence and CV obtained with the same quantity of targets, both with and without agitation (2 hours of hybridization).
Dynamic advection mixing provides superior signal-to-noise ratios for microarray analysis. This image shows data obtained from two microarrays hybridized for two hours with a single-stranded CY3 labeled DNA probe complementary to allele a. Hybridizations were performed with 5 pmol of target under the traditional coverslip method and with the TrayMix™. All spot features were analyzed and compared to a reference background signal. Results comparing the mean signal to noise ratio of the fluorescent CY3 signals to the local background for allele a (black) and allele b (grey) of three experiments ± SD (Standard Deviation). These data show that the specific signal/noise ratio (allele a – black bars) is enhanced from 3.5 to 4.2, while the non-specific signal/noise ratio (allele b – grey bars) is slightly reduced under the dynamic hybridization conditions of the TrayMix S4.
Software Interface
The easy software interface of the TrayMix S4 streamlines and easily define the hybridization process. The software interface has three main functions:
  • Traces operations and generates reports in HTML format
  • Saves and loads protocols
  • Modifies system operation in all of the experimental steps including pre-hybridization, hybridization and washing
Hybridization Protocol of TrayMix S4
  • Set Pre-hybridization Time and Temperature
  • Set Hybridization Time and Temperature
  • Set Wash Parameters, program is ready to run!
  • Insert microarray slide and click proceed
  • Check the system is locked properly and port cap is properly closed.
  • Programmed Pre-hybridization Program Starts, gets the microarray at proper temperature and wets the microarray prior to adding the labeled sample
  • After complete Pre-hybridization and temperature is stabilized, remove air bubbles for the chaotic advection mixing-loop.
  • Air bubbles are automatically removed.
  • Inject sample with a volume of 30ul or 60ul, set volume and click proceed.
  • The mixing loop automatically compensates for the volume injected for hybridization.
  • Hybridization proceeds at set time and temperature with constant mixing.
  • Wash steps proceed automatically according to set program parameters.
  • When chamber is empty, microarray is removed from the system and dried in a microarray centrifuge.

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