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Freezer Temperature Range

Capacity Range

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-50°C to -86°C 18 to 24 cubic feet 1536-91A 76222 $20,172 5-7 Days 2
-50°C to -86°C >24 cubic feet 5321-18A 73419 $23,240 5-7 Days 3
In stock
-50°C to -86°C >24 cubic feet 1536-28A 73875 $26,001 5-7 Days 4
-50°C to -86°C >24 cubic feet 1536-28A-220 73880 $26,001 5-7 Days 5
In stock
-50°C to -86°C >24 cubic feet 1536-92A 76223 $21,706 5-7 Days 6
-50°C to -86°C >24 cubic feet 1536-93A 76224 $23,240 3-5 Days 7
Freezer Temperature Range
Capacity Range
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
Product Details
  • ENERGY STAR certified models include three adjustable shelves
  • V-drive adaptive control detects usage patterns that lower HVAC costs
  • Embedded DeviceLink provides real-time monitoring
  • Four Capacities; models hold 400 - 700 two-inch boxes
  • Temperature Range: -50 to -80°C
  • SNAP compliant and sustainable design uses natural refrigerants
  • Wireless monitoring displays temperature, ambient temperature and alarm/alerts notification
  • Forced-air cooled condenser with enhanced micro-channels
  • Fast 17-minute door opening recovery
  • Temperature uniformity: < 5.2°C with door openings and < 4.0°C with no door openings
  • Long warm-up time: -50°C to -80°C in 5.05 hours
  • Quiet operation at 45.5 dBA ideal for use in labs
  • Eye level capacitive touchscreen interface with set-up wizard and efficient data management with built-in USB port
  • Ergonomic door handle and two inner doors
  • Manual Defrost
  • Door Opening Clearance: 34.5” (876.3 mm)
  • Energy-efficient model manufactured in a zero-waste facility
  • Accessories: access key pack, replacement air filter, alarm delay module, cryo gloves (medium and large), seismic restrain kit
  • Available options: LN2 backup system, CO2 backup system, stainless steel interior, twist lock plug, chart recorder, access key option card and shelf kit

Ultra-Low Freezers (-80°C)

  • Compare TSX Series Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers by Thermo Fisher Scientific Comparison chart for TSX -86ºC Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Learn More: TSX Series Ultra Low Upright Freezer

More Information

TSX V-Drive Technology

Variable speed compressors and adaptive controls adjust to both internal and external conditions. The control system detects multiple door openings (such as when adding samples to the freezer) and increases the drive speed to expedite recovery times. Once conditions stabilize, the compressors will slow down to the minimum idle speed to maintain the temperature setting, preventing wasted electricity. Two internal doors protect samples from temperature changes and reduce ice buildup, providing further energy savings.

A conventional ULT freezer has a single-speed compressor, requiring on/off cycles that increase wear-and-tear on the compressor, shortening its usable life span. The single-speed design slows door-opening recovery and wastes energy by inefficiently switching between maximum speed and zero.

Sustainability Features
  • Dual hermetic compressors use natural, hydrocarbon-based refrigerants R170 Ethane and R290 Propane
  • Water-blown foam insulation cuts down refrigerant out-gassing as foam ages
  • Award-winning, zero-waste-to-landfill production facility recycles 93% of waste and converts 7% of waste into energy
Natural, Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

The TSX Series employs hydrocarbon refrigerants due to their excellent thermodynamic properties, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are also better for the compressors, as they eliminate the lack of oil return associated with conventional refrigerants. The TSX-Series is UL and CE certified and adheres to the strictest safety standards.

Security Features

Padlock-compatible doors, ergonomic door handle, eye-level touchscreen, alarm settings and an optional access card entry

Capacitive Touch Interface

Touchscreen display can be used with latex gloves and features a set-up wizard, event log, temperature mapping and a USB port
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