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    Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers
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    StockedStockedISO 5 IconISO 5 Icon
    2 Type2 Chamber Width2 Chamber Depth2 Chamber Height1 ISO Class

    • ISO Rating: ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Durable double-wall stainless steel vacuum chamber supports full vacuum to 29.9" Hg
    • Ideal for contamination-sensitive applications: won't permeate or outgas like acrylic designs
    • Versatile stainless steel construction is chemical resistant, heat resistant, and ESD-safe
    • Light-weight sheet metal design simplifies transporting parts under vacuum between workstations
    Type: High Capacity, Benchtop
    Chamber Width: 27", 8"
    Chamber Depth: 48", 8"
    Chamber Height: 24", 12"
    ISO Class: ISO 5
  2. ISO 5 IconISO 5 Icon
    2 Type6 Chamber Width6 Chamber Depth5 Chamber Height1 ISO Class

    • ISO Rating: ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Provide an optimal environment for vacuum testing and processing to one atmosphere 29.9" Hg
    • All chambers include two preinstalled mini ball valves and a 0 - 30" Hg vacuum gauge
    • Benchtop units as small as 9" x 9" x 9.5"
    • Floor-standing units as large as 37" x 37" x 37.5"
    Type: High Capacity, Benchtop
    Chamber Width: 29.375", 30", 35", 11", 8", 16"
    Chamber Depth: 23.375", 30", 35", 10", 8", 16"
    Chamber Height: 16.75", 40", 35.5", 8.5", 12.5"
    ISO Class: ISO 5
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4 products meet your criteria.

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Vacuum Chambers by Terra Universal

Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet with Front Swing Door and Adjustable Shelves

Terra’s acrylic vacuum desiccator cabinet with front-swinging door allows for quick access and easy transfer of parts. Optional removable shelf systems increase storage capacity for faster batch processing.

Multi-pin Feedthrough

Optional 25-pin connector can be used to monitor conditions within the vacuum chamber.

Coaxial SMA Feedthrough

Double-ended, 50-ohm connectors allow small electronics to operate within the chamber.

Precision Vacuum Gauge and Needle Valves

Vacuum chambers can be customized to include precision needle valves for exact application, monitoring, backfill, and bleeding of vacuum pressure in increments of ~1" Hg (~3% vacuum). The hardware is mounted over an extra layer of acrylic to prevent damage to the lid while the chamber is under maximum vacuum.

Optional Glass Top for Sensitive Optics

0.75"-thick tempered-glass top allows optical testing and monitoring that requires high clarity.

Tested to Hold Full Vacuum for 72 hours

Terra's acrylic vacuum chambers are tested to hold 29.9"Hg (99.9% vacuum) with no detectable change over a 72 hour duration. Heavy-duty one-inch-thick walls ensure chamber integrity and protect against cracking.

Extra Wide Acrylic Vacuum Chamber with Hinged Front Door

Acrylic vacuum chamber with extra wide mouth and hinged door lets you easily feed long parts through for speedy and hassle-free transfer.

Inlaid Rubber O-Ring for Uniform Seal

Precision-routed channel and inlaid rubber O-ring ensures a uniform seal around the lid of your vacuum chamber. The O-ring is also removable in case it needs to be replaced.

PC-Based Vacuum Control with Data Logging

The eVAC Digital Vacuum Controller provides highly flexible control over vacuum levels by incorporating an electronically activated bleed valve, which adds the capability to reduce the applied vacuum.

Vacuum Chamber on Electric Height Adjusting Table

Electric height adjusting tables help easily position extremely heavy vacuum chambers to the right height to allow transfer of materials, or observe tests within the chamber.

Vacuum Chambers

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