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  1. Motor, Bypass, for Explosion Proof Vacuum (1764-70)
    Usually ships in 10 - 20 days

  2. Autoclave-Safe Accessory Kit (1764-41)
    Usually ships in 12 - 18 days

  3. Drain Valve Hose Assembly; 6' (1763-07)
    Usually ships in 12 - 18 days

  4. Drain Valve Assembly; for SS Vacuum (1763-06)
    Usually ships in 12 - 18 days

  5. Tool Kit: for CRV Vacuum Cleaner (1001-66)
    Usually ships in 15 - 21 days

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80 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Vacuums Chemical Powder Spills

The small, lightweight, and flexible MicroVac mini-tool attachments are optimal for cleaning tight corners, narrow openings and delicate equipment that a larger cleaner can't reach.

Nilfisk Compact ULPA-Filtered Stainless Steel Cleanroom Vacuum

This stainless steel Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner is specifically designed for cleanroom environments down to ISO 4 (Class 10). Safely collects, contains and disposes of potent compounds (Safe-Pak model).

Specialized Designs

Specialized models available for use with combustible or toxic material reclamation (mercury, cyanide and more); shown: cleanroom-compatible explosion-proof vacuum.

Micro-Filtered Air Blower

The MicroVac's 99.999% efficient ULPA filter provides an ultra-clean, high-flow, positive pressure air source for glove boxes and other particle-free, sterile enclosures.

Clean Air Ventilator

Terra's versatile MicroVac vacuum cleaner ventilates process enclosures, capturing micro-contaminants (including biohazards like cyanide powder) to allow safe indoor air release.

Vacuum Cleaners

  • MicroVac Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner MicroVac Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

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