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Acid Neutralization System

Wet Benches fully automated station 7 Automatically control waste-disposal stream pH with Terra's compact self-contained Acid Neutralization System. The compact module is appropriate for use with wet processing stations, tech benches, fume hoods, semiconductor plating and cleaning stations, and acid exhaust hoods. The neutralization system safely prepares and releases waste by counteracting pH extremes of acidic and alkaline chemicals.

The economic system is easy to install near plumbing and electrical connections, either indoors or out. A two-stage system is standard, but more challenging applications may need a third stage. At each of the first two stages, acid- or alkaline-neutralizing chemicals are introduced via a metering pump, but larger systems also use pressure-control valves. The station is fully automated. 

The Acid Neutralization System is equipped with sensors and a programmable touch-screen controller to accurately monitor and manage waste-stream pH. Users easily calibrate sensors and PLC, as well as establish set-points. Effluent is automatically released when pH reaches the programmed level: continuous or batched discharge, depending on flow rate and acceptable pH.

Wet Benches fully automated station 6 A mircroprocessor-controlled digital chart-recorder monitors and documents the waste-stream discharge based on the programmed limits. Notifications of high and low pH, as well as low reagent levels, alert users of system status. Secondary containment is standard.

The neutralization system is fabricated of half-inch-thick, thermo-welded polypropylene. These chemical-resistant tanks are available in sizes from 5 to 500 gpm capacity (sizes larger than 100 gpm are built with skids). Systems are built to accommodate size, throughput and equipment specifications; talk to a Terra Product Specialist for more details. Electrical requirements: 120VAC (control system) and 120VAC or 208VAC (mixers and pumps).


  • On-board reagent tank
  • Three-stage system for more challenging operations
  • Remote alarms can be wired into control panel
  • Ethernet access for remote signaling

Work with your Terra Product Specialist to configure an Automated Wafer Processing Bench that's perfect for your lab and workflow. Open our Quick Quote to start listing some of your specific requirements. We'll design a bench that's just right for you.

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