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Chemical Collection Systems and Carboys

Semiconductor and solar panel wafer fabrication generates large volumes of liquid chemical waste, many of which are considered hazardous. Examples of corrosive chemicals used in wet processing include sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid. Containment, treatment and disposal are carefully handled and regulated.

Chemical collection systems offered by Terra are designed to handle caustic liquids, meeting the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) for transporting chemicals. Work stations requiring chemical containment include wet processing benches, fume hoods, and plating and cleaning stations.

Double-containment, polypropylene collection vessels range from five-gallon carboys to large tanks. Polypropylene is used because it’s strong and resists damage from corrosive substances. Collection systems are programmable, eliminating user interface that could lead to errors or accidents. The software monitors and controls disposal levels without interruptions to fabrication processes. Coupled with fast chemical changes, facilities see increased throughput and reduced down-time.

Chemical collection tanks feature leak detection monitoring to keep personnel and operations safe. There are four high/low sensing levels and remote sensor access. Systems are designed for your specific needs; talk to a Terra Product Specialist to get started.

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