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Chemical Delivery or Collection System

Working with chemicals introduces risk into any manufacturing function, but it is particularly dangerous for operators to handle the corrosive substances used for wafer etching, silicon chip plating, cleaning, and circuit board or solar system component processing.

In addition to the concern for safety, hands-on manufacturing tasks create opportunities for mistakes, leading to delays, defective parts and increased waste. All of these issues adversely affect a company’s profit margin and reputation.

Terra's compact Chemical Delivery or Collection System is an efficient, automated way to store and administer large volumes of chemicals, whether being delivered to a station, or collected from it. The system is designed to operate without user interface, delivering accurate volumes of chemicals to work stations quickly and safely.

On-board software, managed from a central touchscreen monitor, allows process flows to be programmed according to the specific needs of the facility. The software displays alerts and system status of metering pumps, valves and level switches.

Take the risk out of chemical handling with fast, automated chemical changes and delivery of 55-gallon drums to work stations. Totes and drums are equipped with load-cell sensors so you can control large volumes and bypass frequent drum changes. The system can detect leaks, and high- and low-level container alerts are relayed to the system control panel.

The Chemical Delivery or Collection System is designed to integrate seamlessly with wet-processing benches and other chemical workstations. Its software and drum/tote configuration will be integrated into your specific application. Avoid mistakes by using the SolidWorks Simulator for accurate calculation and process flow pre-testing. Plumbing and other fluid paths are made of Teflon, and the system features double-containment cabinet construction.

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