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Chemical Lift Station

Industrial delivery systems help convey chemicals to wet processing benches, fume hoods, and plating and cleaning stations, but reliable equipment is also needed to remove the used liquid.

Chemical Lift Stations from Terra connect with single or multiple work benches to pump waste chemicals and water out to the neutralization site.

When ordered with new benches, chemical lift functionality can be configured directly into the work station, rather than occupy additional floor space behind the bench, making valuable square-footage unavailable for other means. Holding tanks are sized to meet flow requirements and fit the processing station(s).

A vertical centrifugal pump automatically engages based on feedback from liquid-level sensors within the holding tank. Four high/low float-type level sensors detect the flow of fluid into the container, directing the pump to force the liquid up through pipes. When integrated with a wet bench, the Chemical Lift Station features a remote-control panel for convenient operation.

The holding tank, pump and fluid path are all made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene. Other pump types are available; speak with a Terra Product Specialist about your equipment needs.

  • Double-containment and pumping
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