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Chemical Pump Cart

The Chemical Pump Cart is a versatile, economical alternative to an internal neutralization system for manufacturers of semiconductor wafers or solar cells. The pump carts are designed to simplify hazardous-waste removal by receiving used chemicals from wet stations and transferring them to storage tanks. Units are self-contained, requiring no electrical power source.

Built of white polypropylene that resists damage from acids, the pump cart is designed for process acids such as hydrofluoric acid (HF); a stainless steel version is available for solvent applications. Rolling casters feature brakes for safe placement near work stations.

The on-board suction tube works with a 3/8” Teflon pneumatic pump to draw hazardous chemical waste out of station process tanks and baths. A different tube delivers required chemicals from on-board storage tank to the wet bench.

All plumbing components are made of Teflon to resist corrosion. The five-gallon, polypropylene holding tank is built with a “high” level sensor and pump interlock for safety and convenience.

Pump carts support numerous manufacturing applications, and are approximately 18” W x 36” D x 42” H. They feature rigid handles for relocation and positioning.

  • Stainless steel for solvent applications
  • Pressure interlock safety switch
  • Large-capacity holding tank (up to 16 gal.)
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