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Discovery Series Processing Bench

Discovery SEries Wet Processing Station
2' (610 mm) Discovery Series Bench with Beaker Agitator
The Discovery Series Wet Processing System offers the ideal price performance and value for R&D and small production environments that require both budget and development flexibility.

Designed in 2' (610 mm), 4' (1219 mm), 6' (1829 mm), 8'(2438 mm) and 10' (3048 mm)-W configurations, it is available in polypropylene, FM4910 plastics, and stainless steel for work with a variety of substrate sizes and a diverse range of temperatures and chemistries, as well as recirculation, filtration, and agitation. Its modular design accepts tanks, rinsers and other processing units, including the Dual Beaker Agitation tool, which incorporates a PLC touch screen panel for easy menu selection and operation.

A front safety sash provides full front coverage, and a minihelic gauge monitors exhaust pressure. It also includes an oversized EPO emergency shut-off switch. Built to Semi S2/S8 and CE standards, it is available with a variety of third-party certifications, including UL listing.

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2 beaker agitator
Dual Beaker Agitator

control panel
PLC Touchscreen Panel


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