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Horizontal-Tube Cleaning Station

Manual Quartz Tube Cleaner As part of the fabrication process, semiconductor wafers spend time in tubes subject to high temperatures. These "furnaces" use heat and chemicals to treat the wafer surface, resulting in controlled crystallization; the deposits enhance wafer quality and functionality.

Following these critical steps, the silicon wafer processing and treatment tubes, including quartz, epitaxy and polysilicon, must be properly washed to eradicate contaminants.

Terra's horizontal-tube cleaning station comes standard with acid-spray baths and deionized (DI) water rinse tanks. The damage-resistant white polypropylene station is specifically designed around your individual tube configuration, and sized to fit your cleaning requirements.

Standard safety features include a mushroom-button emergency power switch (EPO) connected to a Photohelic® differential pressure gauge, wiring to meet NEC requirements for electrical installation and industrial machinery, PVC safety shields and rear back-draft exhaust baffles.

Manual Quartz Tube Cleaner Based on process flow, programmable modules can be added to increase wash speed and versatility. Add a drying cycle, or upgrade from manual to automatic tube roller, for example. See the Options section for more choices, and speak with a Terra Product Specialist to help design the ideal cleaning bench for your applications and budget. All drawings are reviewed for final sign-off prior to manufacture.

  • Wired according to NFPA 70 and 79
  • Teflon nitrogen gun and deionized (DI) water hand spray
  • Process modules are designed with a one-inch lip exhaust
  • Nitrogen head-case purge
  • Continuous-flow deionized (DI) water manifold
  • Casters and leg levelers
  • One-year warranty
  • Automated tube roller
  • Heated nitrogen tube dryer
  • On-board bottle washer
  • On-board T/C sheath cleaner
  • Acid holding tank
  • Acid filtration
  • Acid mixing
  • Factory Mutual 4910-rated PVC-C (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) fabrication material
  • Third-party certification: NFPA 70 and 79, CE, Seismic Zone 4 structural
  • Integrated lift station
  • Rear access
  • Overhead lighting
  • Light tower (3-color)
  • Counter-balance safety shields
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