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Quartz Baths
Constant or High-Temperature

QA Series Quartz Constant-Temperature Bath
Quartz baths deliver unsurpassed temperature uniformity in etching, stripping and cleaning operations.
Catalog #7018-28 shown
  • Ideal for silicon wafer etching, stripping and cleaning
  • Ultra-pure, 99.995% contaminant-free processing vessel is ideal for critical chemistries
  • Externally bonded circuit heating element provides efficient, even heating for improved process yields
  • Redundant safety features minimize potential damage caused by runaway temperatures
  • Seamless, sloped run-off flange contributes to a longer vessel life
  • Housing is flame-retardant, stress-relieved polypropylene (UL-94 V-O rated)
  • Constant or high-temperature baths; recirculation available
  • One-year warranty
Quartz Baths installed in:
Manual Wafer Processing Bench
Semi-Automated Wafer Processing Bench
Fully Automated Wafer Processing Bench
Processing Modules
Models below accommodate a single wafer cassette. Call Terra for other sizes.
Installation charged separately; will vary based on the complexity of the processing station.

Cat. # Price
Qa Series, 6" Single 7018-28 $ 4,785
QFa Series, 6" Single 7018-59 Call TUI
Corresponding Controls
Heat Cool Liquid
Timer Over/
Cat. # Price
C1115aLLS x   x x     o     7018-35 $ 2,127
C1915a x   x x   x o     7018-62 Call TUI
Constant temperature bath

Baths made of the mineral quartz are used in semi-conductor manufacturing due to their excellent resistance to damage from the strong acidic chemicals required for wafer etching, stripping and cleaning. These include sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen chloride. Semiconductor-grade, flame-polished quartz is also responsive to heating elements, and maintains uniform temperature. Expect a long-life from these durable baths; they are designed to be reliable and safe.

Both the Qa and QFa quartz baths are high-purity, leak-proof process vessels with no devitrification Each bath is sealed in a protective, flame-retardant polypropylene housing. Insulation is made of high-density alumina silica fiber with a 1260°C temperature rating.

The dramatically sloped run-off design diverts acids and other process liquids away from the flange. Safety features include an over-temperature thermocouple, failsafe power cut-off, with visible and audible alarms, liquid level sensor tube, and an ultra-reliable snap disk that cuts power if the temperature exceeds unsafe levels. Use timer and status indicators to track operations, and secure access codes to prevent program tampering.

Qa Series Constant-Temperature Quartz Baths

The Qa Series Bath provides unsurpassed temperature uniformity: ± 1°C in the 30°C - 180°C temperature range. Because the grid heater is bonded to the outside and bottom of the pure virgin quartz vessel (5-sided), it provides fast, even, efficient heating. Target temperature is achieved at a maximum rate of 2°C per minute.

Qa baths are available in many sizes and configurations for operation with most wafer sizes. Options include a magnetic stirrer, gravity drain, aspirator (dilution) valve system, water-ring seal, quartz bubbler, remote-operation timer switch and process controller. Call to discuss your application with a Terra Product Specialist.

QFa Series High Temperature Recirculating Quartz Baths

QFa Series recirculating baths are made of pure virgin, flame-polished quartz for a smooth finish (Catalog #7018-59).
These baths also operate within the temperature range of 30°C - 180°C, ± 1°C and heat up at 2°C per minute. They have a 4-sided heating element, along with a circulating fluid inlet/outlet that promotes laminar flow. They operate with remote controller C1915 or equivalent.

QFa Baths are available in many sizes and configurations for operation with most wafer sizes. Options include a liquid level sensor, quartz diffuser plate, process temperature controller, autolid, and 360-degree Labyrinth water-ring seal. Talk to a Terra Product Specialist about your specifications.
Which Material is Best?


  • Economical plastic with broad chemical compatibility
  • Ideal for wet processing station panels
  • Loses some chemical resistance at high temperatures
  • Suitable for HF and KOH processes

PVDF (polyvinyldilene fluoride)

  • Broader range of chemical resistance than polypropylene
  • Suitable for high process temperatures
  • Ideal for HF and BOE processes at high temperature


  • The preferred material for ultra-pure applications
  • Provides greater uniformity in heat transfer than plastic baths—ideal for very tight temperature control
  • Suitable for most chemicals (but not HF acid)
  • Hard surfaces won't scuff, stain, or absorb impurities

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene Teflon®)

  • Resistant to an extremely wide range of chemicals
  • Perfect for all acid and solvent use
  • Ultra-pure applications
Materials: Internally flame-polished, virgin fused quartz, boron-free (process vessel); Flame-retardant polypropylene (housing)
Electrical: 208 - 240 VAC, single phase, 50/60Hz, 7 - 20 amps (depending on size)
Process Thermocouple: J-type Teflon® encapsulated
Insulation: High-density alumina silica fiber rated to 1260°C
Note: Microprocessor controller is required for operation
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