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Robotic Transfer—
Precise, Consistent Processing

Terra manufactures Semiautomatic Wet Processing Stations with either rotary or linear transfer mechanisms. Once wafer cassettes are loaded onto the end-effector, these systems perform transfer and agitation functions safety, cleanly, and consistently—for process results you can count on!
Robotic Transfer—Precise, Consistent Processing

Rotary Transfer
Pre-Diffusion Clean
with Rotary Transfer

Rotary Transfer Mechanism

Provides high-precision 360° motion. An 8-recipe keypad allows complete control over time, temperature, rinsing and agitation cycles. All deck-top components are sealed in a polypropylene housing that protects the robot mechanism against corrosive chemistries and ensures contamination-free operation. (304 Stainless steel models are also available for use with solvents.) This system is available with a wide range of end-effectors (gripper systems), in PVDF, 304 stainless steel, quartz, Teflon, and polypropylene, to accommodate virtually all wafer cassette sizes. Choose among several control options, including a PLC and Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Let Terra engineer a system to your specs!

Linear Transport Mechanism

Linier robot
Oxide Etch with
Linear Transfe

Linear Transport Mechanism

Available for acid or solvent processing, with labyrinth seals, this robotic system provides noncontaminating, two-axis transfer motion along the front or rear edge of Terra's Wet Processing Cabinets. Active and passive grippers are available, in a variety of materials, to fit most wafer cassettes, 4"(102 mm), 5" (127 mm), 6" (152 mm), and 8" (203 mm), as well as flat panel displays to 42" (1067 mm).

Call Terra for information on a linear system for your application!

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