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Solvent Spray Booth

Solvent Spray Booth
  • Ideal system for corrosive or flammable liquid applications
  • Fabricated of 304 stainless steel/safety glass for durability and safety
  • Explosion-proof illuminator meets a broad range of locations as defined by the NEC
  • Provides solvent cleaning/nitrogen drying through dual-service lines and convenient foot pedal
  • Features split-sink for drainage and safe disposal of solvents
  • Includes exhaust system for safe fume venting
  • Overhead sprinklers engage in case of fire
  • Safely stores chemicals in an enclosed cabinet environment
  • Custom modifications available to meet your specific requirements

Terra Universal's Solvent Spray Booth is an ideal system for cleaning operations in a variety of industries.

  Cat. # Price
110VAC/60Hz 1530-41 $ 18,319
220VAC/50Hz 1530-41-220 $ 18,319

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Solvent Spray Booth
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Explosion-Proof Light
Incandescent illuminator lights up work surfaces and is wired per NEC guidelines. It is appropriate for Class I, II and III, Divisions 1 and 2 applications using ignitable mixtures.
Split Perforated Sink
Damage-resistant, perforated stainless steel surface safely guides liquids down to drains below, but prevents parts from dropping down to drains. Lift up to access drains.
Service Lines
Petcock nozzles above each sink deliver liquid solvents for rinsing and nitrogen/air for drying. Use the quick-connect fittings to feed the lines, and adjustable gauges to modify pressure

Pneumatic Foot Pedals
Control flow of solvent and nitrogen using these convenient step-on foot pedals in front of each sink in the booth. Hands-free operation reduces contamination.

Exhaust Duct
Spray booth is equipped with exhaust duct to safely carry fumes away from workers. This view from the top also shows the water pipe that feeds sprinklers, and encased wiring for explosion-proof light.

Overhead Sprinklers
Sprinkler heads located above each sink are an extra layer of safety when working with flammable chemicals. They spray water to work surface in case of fire.

Solvent Spray Booth
Solvent Spray Booth
Gauges and knobs to control pressure Carboys are connected to sink with tubing; additional space for storage

Safe, Convenient Operation

This booth's 304 stainless steel construction resists a wide range of solvents, including lapping oils, alcohol, naphtha and toluene. A counterbalanced safety glass shield offers convenient access to the work area, and can be fixed in any desired position while at the same time protecting the operator's face.

The unit features a split-sink construction providing two separate work areas, one for solvent rinsing and the other for nitrogen or air drying. Dual 304 stainless steel service lines allow connection to a liquid solvent and nitrogen/air source, which are dispensed by means of dual pneumatic foot pedals through petcock nozzles located above the sink.

The split-sink located beneath the perforated work surface allows for drainage and safe disposal of solvents. This unit also includes an enclosed cabinet with 5-gallon (19L) polypropylene reservoirs providing safe and secure storage of chemicals.

Additional adjustable service lines can be installed to allow use of additional solvents. Plumbing is also available in other materials, including Teflon® and polypropylene allowing for safe operations with other chemicals.

The standard 100W incandescent hazardous-environment illuminator meets a broad range of locations as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC): Class I, Div. 1 and 2 (Groups C and D); Class II, Div. 1 and 2 (groups E and F); and Class III, Div. 1 and 2 (all groups). It is thus suitable for locations in which ignitable mixtures exist under normal conditions.

An additional feature of this system is a 10" (254 mm)-diameter duct on the rear of the panel, allowing for the safe venting of fumes from the work area.

Construction: 304 stainless steel with safety glass side and front panels (other materials including polypropylene, available on a custom basis)
  Overall: 48"W x 43"D x 81.373"H (1219 mm x 1092 mm x 2067 mm), custom sizes available
  Work Area: 48"W x 30"D x 40"H (1219 mm x 762 mm x 1016 mm)
  Weight: 160 lbs. (72.6 kg.)
  Gas Line: (2) Quick connect/disconnect fitting for 0.25" (6 mm) gas line
  Solvent Line: (2) 0.25" (6 mm) ID 304 stainless steel

Carboys (Reservoirs)

Carboys reservoir
No. 2800-75, shown with
optional liquid level sensor
  • Safely contains chemicals draining from a sink or overflow plenum in a Terra wet station
  • Includes sight glass to monitor liquid level (electronic liquid level sensors available)
  • Casters and quick connect/disconnect fittings included to simplify carboy removal and emptying
  • Select among three materials to meet chemical compatibility requirements

These liquid carboys catch and safely contain acids, solvents and other process chemicals draining from tanks, plenum chambers, and vessels installed in a Terra Wet Processing Station or Cabinet.

Select polypropylene, PVDF or stainless steel construction to meet chemical compatibility requirements, in any of three standard sizes. All models include a sight glass made of Teflon tubing, low-profile nylon-ball casters, and quick connect/disconnect fittings for easy detachment and removal.

Liquid Carboys, includes handles that extend total of 3.5" (89 mm) past indicated length
Material Tank Dimensions, OD
inches (mm)
gallons (L)
Cat. # Price
Polypropylene 13 W x 13 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 330 x 292)
2800-75 $ 1,561
Polypropylene 13 W x 18 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 457 x 292)
2800-76 $ 1,738
Polypropylene 13 W x 25 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 635 x 292)
2800-77 $ 2,581
Stainless Steel 13 W x 12 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 305 x 292)
2800-78 $ 1,721
Stainless Steel 13 W x 17 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 432 x 292)
2800-79 $ 1,914
Stainless Steel 13 W x 24 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 610 x 292)
2800-80 $ 2,966
PVDF 13 W x 13 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 330 x 292)
2800-81 $ 1,784
PVDF 13 W x 18 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 457 x 292)
2800-82 $ 1,985
PVDF 13 W x 25 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 635 x 292)
2800-83 $ 2,952
Quick Connect Fitting for Carboy 2800-84 Call TUI
Sight Glass for Overflow Carboy 2800-85 Call TUI

Liquid Level Sensor
Includes installation of electronic sensors on any
of the carboys above (must be ordered together).

Cat. # Price
2800-86 $ 756
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