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Teflon® Processing Tanks

Teflon Processing Tanks.
  • Tanks made of PFA Teflon with state-of-the-art welding methods to reduce contaminants and by-products
  • 360-degree serrated overflow filtration
  • Manual cover with overlapping seal reduces solution loss
  • Standard carrier sizes available for various wafer sizes and single or double cassette capacity
  • Modular tanks allow easy installation or existing component upgrade/replacement
  • One-year warranty
The fluoropolymer Teflon Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) is inert and resists damage from many chemicals. Its low permeability helps maintain its integrity and prevent the accumulation of impurities. These are some key reasons why PFA Teflon is an ideal material for semiconductor etching applications. Teflon also has a wide thermal range with a high melting point; robust enough to endure formidable wafer etching conditions. Advanced PFA sheet-welding techniques effectively seal seams, decreasing impurities and unwanted byproducts.

Teflon tanks are used for KOH and TMAH etching of silicon wafers used in the semiconductor industry. Potassium hydroxide (KOH) works with higher temperatures to precisely etch surfaces of silicon wafers. Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) is another chemical used for anisotropic etching. This "wet" etching is cost-effective and more accurate than "dry" etching that involves plasma and gasses. Greater consistency is achieved, helping to reduce costs by avoiding time-consuming rework. Wet etching is also safer as fluids are contained in tanks, with less risk of exposure to toxic or explosive chemicals
Teflon tank installed in wet bench. Overflow cavity and serrated edges visible.
Teflon tanks are available in three configurations:
  • TT Series: PFA Teflon Tank Ambient temperature
  • TI Series: PFA Teflon High Temperature Static
  • TFa Series: PFA Teflon High Temperature Overflow
Heat sources within the Teflon tanks are inline heating, or immersion heating in overflow weir (TI and TFa Series). Specify the preferred heat source at order placement. Temperature range is 30°C to 100°C (86°F — 212°F) with control to the half-degree Celsius. Tanks heat-up at 2°C - 3°C per minute (smaller vessels heat up more quickly than larger ones). Tank performance is favorable, with wafer-to-wafer variation of less than 2%.
    Tank options
  • Remote timer
  • Controller C1915a or C1115a temperature process controller/timer
  • RS232 data interface
  • Gravity drain system for safe and easy clean-up
  • Agitating magnetic stirrer (TI and TT models only)
  • Teflon refluxor system to recapture condensing water (available on all baths), minimizing fluid loss
  • Pneumatic auto lid
  • DI water or IPA spiking system
  • Aspirator valve system
Teflon Tanks Installed in:
Manual Wafer Processing Bench
Semi-Automated Wafer Processing Bench
Fully Automated Wafer Processing Bench
Teflon Processing Tanks
Models below accommodate a single wafer cassette.
Other sizes and configurations are available; talk to a Terra Product Specialist.
Installation charged separately; will vary based on the complexity of the processing station.

Cat. # Price
TT Series, Ambient Temperature, 6" single 7018-63 Call TUI
TI Series, Static Temperature, 6" single 7018-64 Call TUI
TFa Series, High Temperature, Overflow, 6" single 7018-65 Call TUI
Corresponding Controls
Heat Cool Liquid
Timer Over/
Cat. # Price
C1115aLLS x
x x


7018-35 $ 2,127
C1915a x
x x
x o

7018-62 Call TUI

Overflow tanks include a serrated weir that overflows liquid into a catch basin for recirculation into the main tank. A dump drain with pneumatic valve allows quick emptying into the plenum catch reservoir of the wet station. Models are available for standard wafer carrier sizes and include 1" (25 mm)-diameter tubing made of the specified material.
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