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Wafer Quick Dump Rinser

Wet Processing Baths DR Series
The right way to rinse — requires less DI water and less DI water disposal.
Wet Processing Quick Dump Rinser
  • Natural polypropylene rinser tanks, DI manifold tubing, spray nozzles, and valves ensure compatibility with most process chemistries
  • Dual overhead spray manifolds with low misting nozzles eliminate over-spray
  • Knife-edge overflow weir enhances particulate removal
  • Large machined dump door accelerates dump time and eliminates particle build-up
  • Contoured vessel design reduces DI water consumption
  • Comes complete with retractable PVC cover
  • One-year warranty
The DR Series Wafer Quick Dump Rinser rinses silicon wafers and similar products free of acids, solvents, and other processing solutions. Because it uses less deionized (DI) water than other models, it saves on both DI water consumption and disposal expenses.

Water is sprayed from two sources to ensure optimal rinsing: from spray nozzles located above the wafer cassette and from spray jets and a nitrogen bubbler located below the cassette. The rinser is designed to prevent wasteful over-spray. To ensure product purity, all components are made of natural polypropylene or PVDF, with no exposed metal. A clear PVC cover retracts out of the way when not in use.

The DR Series uses a microprocessor controller to provide versatile, repeatable processing (order separately below). This controller allows up to 99 programmable cycles, far more than most batch operations require. Cycle time, start-cascade and dump time, and resistivity are options, or combinations of the three. Controller incorporates the pneumatics required to operate the DR Series module. The membrane keypad resists damage from most acids and solvents, and access coding enhances process security.

DR Series options include reclaim system; spray nozzles, DI water manifold, DI water valves or nitrogen valves made of Teflon; PVDF process tank; and process cover modifications.

Quick Dump Rinser installed in:
Manual Wafer Processing Bench
Semi-Automated Wafer Processing
Fully Automated Wafer Processing Bench

Processing Modules
Model below accommodates a single wafer cassette. Other sizes and configurations are available; talk to a Terra Product Specialist.
Installation charged separately; will vary based on the complexity of the processing station.

Cat. # Price
DR Series 6" single 9502-00 $ 4,367
Corresponding Controls
Heat Cool Liquid
Timer Over/
Cat. # Price

x x

x x
7018-38 $ 1,233
Which Material is Best?


  • Economical plastic with broad chemical compatibility
  • Ideal for wet processing station panels
  • Loses some chemical resistance at high temperatures
  • Suitable for HF and KOH processes

PTFE (Teflon®)

  • Resistant to an extremely wide range of chemicals
  • Perfect for all acid and solvent use
  • Ultra-pure applications

PVDF (polyvinyldilene fluoride)

  • Broader range of chemical resistance than polypropylene
  • Suitable for high process temperatures
  • Ideal for HF and BOE processes at high temperature
Materials: Natural polypropylene (tank, spray nozzles, dump door, DI manifold and valve); Teflon tubing harness; PVC cover (PVDF also available)
Electrical: 105 - 125 VAC, single phase, 24 amps, 50/60Hz (for controller use only)
DI Water Service: 25 psi (dynamic), 45 psi (all models)
Nitrogen Service: 50 - 60 psi (max) controller; 10 - 15 psi, nitrogen bubbler (all models)
Controller (order separately): Multifunction microprocessor, membrane keypad. Includes end-of-cycle alarm (type C15sa)
24-hour sales and tech phone support, M - F
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