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Wet Processing and Cleaning Overview

wet processing wafer Terra's modular designs guarantee maximum value and versatility in–
Cleaning tools and parts used in chemical vapor deposition, photoresist developing, etching, diffusion and other wafer fab areas; Processing wafers under the tightest standards for purity, consistency, and control.
  • Value Engineering

    Whichever stations you choose, you'll find flexible designs that let you specify the processing configuration for your application—at standard pricing. This modular approach takes the hassle and expense out of ordering!
  • V.I.M.: Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
    As a manufacturer, Terra controls all aspects of the fabrication, from material specification to final cleaning and packaging. Your system is engineered as a system, from start to finish.
  • Complete Facility Integration
    Terra's engineers and installation technicians work with yours to ensure full compatibility with on-demand centralized chemical delivery systems, fire and other safety programs, chemical and exhaust disposal systems, and other facility requirements.
  • Fire Detection/Suppression Systems
    Specify the fire safety measures for your application: 304 stainless steel construction; IR-based, dual-wavelength fire detection sensors; fire suppression systems (CO2 or water), fire-activated exhaust dampers.
  • Robotic Transfer Mechanisms
    Select rotary or linear systems for automatic wafer transfer and processing. End effectors and control systems are available for any application.
  • Final Cleanroom Cleaning, Packaging
    On demand, final cleaning and packaging are performed to your specifications in Terra's on-site cleanroom (call for details).
  • Custom Work
    Put Terra's comprehensive design and fabrication capabilities to work on your requirements!
Wet processing Versatile Deck Configurations
Versatile Deck Configurations
Full Line of Processing Baths
Full Line of Processing Baths
Rotary and Linear Transfer Mechanisms
Rotary and Linear Transfer Mechanisms
PLC Controls
PLC Controls
Sinks Customized to Your Specs!
Sinks Customized to Your Specs!
Configure a System to Your Specs!
Modular Wet Processing Stations Modular Wet Processing Stations feature separate benches and filter/blower modules.   Wet Processing Cabinets Wet Processing Cabinets
integrate the wet bench and filter/blower housing in a single cabinet
  • Configure process baths in single or double row to suit your workflow
  • Fits under Terra's Laminar Flow Station for versatile airflow control
  • Bath controls can be isolated in overhead or side panel
  • Fully integrated cabinet with convenient controls & air flow controls
  • 304 Stainless steel and polypropylene shell construction
  • Versatile design accommodates most configurations
System Options
Whatever your configuration, Terra will deliver a complete turnkey system, ready for operation!
System Options
24-hour sales and tech phone support, M - F
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