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  1. Ambient, Constant and Recirculating Teflon Baths by Modutek
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Polypropylene Wet Cleaning Station

Standard models include a reinforced cabinet of the specified size and material, a sliding access shield, and a fluorescent illuminator; modular desk allows positioning of tanks and sinks to suit your process.

N2 and DI Water Spray Guns

Handy spray guns provide a ready sources of nitrogen or deionized water installed in locations to suit your process requirements (shown: DI water spray gun installed on cleaning station).

Fully Customizable Work Stations

Use Terra's QuickQuote form to specify your processing requirements; Modular wet station designs adapt to specific processing requirements (shown: custom Manual Wafer Processing Bench).

Modular Cleaning Station with Laminar Flow Bench

Terra's modular wet cleaning stations integrate with the Vertical Laminar Flow Hood (shown: No. 2000-16) to provide a HEPA-filtered work environment and safe fume ventilation.

Modular Deck Configurations

Modular designs allow tanks and bath locations to suit your process. Shown: wafer processing bench with programmable quartz baths and rinsers (controls mounted above or below desk to suit protocol).

Chemical Delivery and Treatment Systems

Many chemical delivery and treatment systems available. The Chemical Delivery System shown automates chemical collection, storage and delivery in wafer etching, silicon chip plating, cleaning, and circuit board or solar system component processing.

Solvent Spray Booth with Foot-Operated Dispensing

This Solvent Spray Booth allows footpedal activation of solvent cleaning fluid; includes explosion-proof lighting, exhaust duct, sprinkers and split sink with dual collection reservoirs.

Sinks for Every Chemical Process

Many sink sizes and materials, including polypropylene (shown), PVDF and stainless steel, offer broad chemical resistance and easy cleaning; carboys collect run-off for easy disposal.

Automated andl Semi-Automated Wet Processing Benches

Specify desired processing automation level for acid-resistant polypropylene or solvent-resistant stainless steel stations. Shown: stainless steel wafer bench includes CO2 cylinder for fire suppression.

Adjustable Transparent Sash

The PVC sliding shield protects workers from contact with chemical fumes. Variable positioning helps control laminar air speeds.

Bottom Storage

Spacious storage area under the work surface holds reserve chemicals or carboys. Access doors easily slide open or closed.

Wet Stations

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  • Quartz Baths with Process Controller Complete Line of Tanks, Baths, Risers
  • Wet Processing Modular Cleaning Station Modular Cleaning Stations
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