• Positional resolution: 500 nanometers using linear drive Warp1 control

• Printing speed: 48 spots per second or 192 Spots per second using “192” Series Pins and Printheads

• Capacity: three 384-well sample microplates and 60 standard glass slide substrate slides

• Printing technology: Arrayit Pro, 946 or Stealth pins and printheads

• Number of pins: Configurable 1 to 48 at 4.5 mm centers or 1 to 192 at 2.25mm


• 3 microplate and 60 slide capacity, anti-vibration table, accessory control module (ACM), environmental control, 16 microarray printing pins, professional series printhead, 4 x 25 (100) SuperEpoxy 3 microarray substrate slides, 1 x 50 ml Micro Spotting Solution Plus, 10 x MMP 384-well microplates, reagent carboys, tubing, connectors, fittings, tubing, high-speed computer, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), 22” LED display, keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad

• Destination: Microarray substrates, glass slides, microplates, custom

• Spot diameter: 65 microns or larger to meet all applications

• Minimum spot spacing: 50 microns

• Pre-printing: User definable

• Wash/Dry station: Ultrasonic with 2 wash positions and a dry station

• Number of microplates: Three standard 384-well, customizable

• Number of substrates: 60 Slides

• Number of microplates: 15 96-well microplates

• Microplate type: 96-well or 384-well microplates

• Microplate cooling: Cool 1-3 microplates, for protein microarray applications, or use the refrigerated stacker for higher throughput and hands free automation

• Environmental control: Fully enclosed, HEPA filtration and user-defined humidity control


• 192 Pin Printhead (48 Pin Professional Printhead provided as standard)

• Anti-vibration table

• Peltier-driven microplate cooling

• Microplate printing worktables

• Custom worktables for proprietary printing cassettes, biochips and cartridges

• Worktable conveyor

• Microplate stackers, refrigerated with lid removal and barcode reader

• Dehumidification


Dimensions, Product: 43.3"W x 33.5"D x 22.1"H

Assay Type: Nucleic Acid

Weight, Product: 331 Lbs

Weight, Shipping: 400 Lbs

Package Type: Crate

Unit of Measure: EA

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