• Cleanrooms


    Custom and preconfigured modular cleanrooms meet ISO 5-8 and sterile processing requirements
  • Pass-Through Chambers

    Pass-Through Chambers

    Reduce traffic in the cleanroom by using a pass-through cabinet to transfer materials and components. See how you can expand system capabilities!
  • Desiccator Cabinets

    Desiccator Cabinets

    Nitrogen-purged Desiccator Cabinets meet dry storage requirements as low as 1% relative humidity; ideal for materials sensitive to moisture, static and particles
  • Gloveboxes & Isolators

    Gloveboxes & Isolators

    Isolation and containment glove boxes control humidity, temperature, vacuum, static and particulate or microbial contamination
  • Hoods & Biosafety Cabinets

    Hoods & Biosafety Cabinets

    HEPA-filtered clean benches, laboratory fume hoods, carbon-filtered ductless exhaust hoods, and biological safety cabinets
  • Architects & Builders

    Architects & Builders

    Cleanroom building components for builders, contractors, architects and engineers include pass-throughs, fan filter units, doors, windows, and furnishings
  • Fan/Filter Units

    Fan/Filter Units

    Low-energy EC motors, room side-replaceable, explosion-proof, reverse-flow, ducted, heated, charcoal-filtered and more!
  • Air Showers

    Air Showers

    Air showers provide high-velocity, HEPA-filtered air streams to dislodge and remove particles from personnel and equipment
  • Doors & Windows for Cleanrooms

    Doors & Windows for Cleanrooms

    Find the right doors and windows for your cleanroom or lab
  • Cleanroom Equipment & Furnishings

    Cleanroom Equipment & Furnishings

    Gowning benches, garb and glove dispensers, hand and shoe cleaners, mirrors, waste receptacles and other cleanroom and gowning room furnishings
  • Storage & Shelving

    Storage & Shelving

    Cleanroom storage systems, racks, and shelving systems
  • Work Stations & Tables

    Work Stations & Tables

    Tables, benches and casework for ISO 4-8 (Class 10-100,000) cleanrooms and labs, including vibration and static-control workstations
  • Chairs & Stools

    Chairs & Stools

    Ergonomic seating designed for labs and ISO 3-8 cleanrooms includes static-control chairs, adjustable stools, and laboratory task chairs
  • Carts


    Carts for transporting medical/lab supplies, sensitive electronics, and chemicals
  • Cleanroom Supplies & Garments

    Cleanroom Supplies & Garments

    Cleanroom garments, wipes, clipboards, anti-fatigue mats, and breath shields
  • Chemical Storage & Lab Safety

    Chemical Storage & Lab Safety

    Maintain a safe working environment with chemical storage cabinets and cans, personnel protective gear, lab safety showers and hazardous materials detectors and meters
  • Sealers


    Models from Accu-Seal, Amerivacs and Accvacs with nitrogen backfill; medical pouch sealers provide consistent, uniform, and repeatable seals
  • Particle Counters & Environmental Measuring Devices

    Particle Counters & Environmental Measuring Devices

    High-precision instruments for monitoring particles, air flow, temperature, humidity and pressure in cleanrooms, laboratories, and process enclosures
  • Ion Guns & Ionizers

    Ion Guns & Ionizers

    Ionization equipment using low-voltage power sources to generate balanced streams of positive and negative ions to neutralize surface charges
  • Ultrasonic & Vacuum Cleaners, UV Sterilizers

    Ultrasonic & Vacuum Cleaners, UV Sterilizers

    Ultrasonic cleaners for electronics and HEPA/ULPA filtered vacuum cleaners; disinfect with UV-C systems
  • Microelectronic Tools

    Microelectronic Tools

    Microelectronics handling and testing tools include wafer scribers and pick-up kits, probe tips, PCB squeegee blades, liquid dispensers and wire bond testers
  • Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

    Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

    Pumps and compressors from Welch, Pfeiffer and Werther, including quiet, oil-free, cleanroom-compatible models
  • Vacuum Chambers

    Vacuum Chambers

    Acrylic, aluminum, and stainless steel chambers supporting vacuum pressure to 29.9Hg
  • Wet Processing & Cleaning Benches

    Wet Processing & Cleaning Benches

    Terra's modular and integrated Wet Processing and Cleaning Benches provide economical solutions for acid etching, wafer processing, chemical rinsing and other wet chemical processes
  • Services


    Equipment validation, certification, calibration, installation, seismic analysis, order expediting, and consultation services
  • Hardware & Materials

    Hardware & Materials

    Hardware and materials for OEMs and contractors across a wide range of industries
  • Visit Laboratory-Equipment.com

    Visit Laboratory-Equipment.com

    Source your research equipment and analytical instruments from our trusted sister site.

Critical environment expertise you can trust – since 1976

Terra Universal is the leading manufacturer of critical environment applications, with over 40 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom and laboratory-based industries. Terra manufactures comprehensive lines of modular cleanrooms, pass-through chambers, desiccator cabinets, glove boxes, laminar flow benches and furnishings. Unique in the industry, Terra stocks thousands of these products for immediate shipment. Custom work is no problem; our engineers work with you to meet unique requirements.
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