HEPA Filtered Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

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    2 Voltage1 Material2 Mounting Position2 Filter Type3 Inside Width4 Inside Depth3 Inside Height

    • 100% stainless steel filter fan unit emits a continuous flow of HEPA/ULPA-filtered air from the ceiling
    • Double-walled 304 stainless steel construction
    • Exceeds USP <797> and <800> standards for sterile drug compounding
    • Air return slots along the bottom of the chamber circulate air back through the HEPA/ULPA filter
    Voltage: 120 V, 220 V
    Material: 316L Stainless Steel
    Mounting Position: Flush Wall, Flush Floor
    Filter Type: ULPA, HEPA
    Inside Width: 24", 30", 18"
    Inside Depth: 26", 48", 18", 24"
    Inside Height: 24", 50", 18"
  2. ULus ListedULus ListedUL Leak RatingUL Leak RatingStockedStocked
    2 Voltage1 Material2 Mounting Position3 Inside Width3 Inside Depth3 Inside Height

    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Mounting Position: Standard Wall, Standard Floor
    Inside Width: 18", 24", 36"
    Inside Depth: 18", 24", 36"
    Inside Height: 18", 24", 48"
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14 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

All Stainless Steel FFU with Removable Filter Replacement Screen

The pass through includes an all-stainless steel filter fan unit with a screen for easy HEPA filter replacement. The screen is held in place by double roller catches, which allow the screen to be easily popped out of the ceiling to access the HEPA filter.

Recirculating HEPA Filtration Diagram

By recirculating the interior air, airborne particles are rapidly removed by successive passes through the HEPA filter. Recirculation also minimizes pressure buildup that can cause leakage into an adjacent positive-pressure cleanroom.

Interlock Status Lights

Prevent operator damage! A green light bar indicates the door is available for use, with the electronic interlock disengaged. The bar turns red when the opposing door is open to indicate the electronic interlock is engaged.

CleanMount™ Quick Install System

Clean-Mount™ clamping design allows pass-through installation flush against a cleanroom wall in a few minutes, without drilling into the finished wall; mounting brackets clamp flush against walls of any thickness.

Flush-Mount Design Prevents Dust Accumulation

CleanMount® pass-throughs hug the cleanroom wall, eliminating gaps that collect germs and particle and making them ideal for critical bio/pharmaceutical cleanroom use.

CleanMount® Lipless Chamber Eliminates Clearance Obstructions

Instead of welded seams, the corners of the CleanMount® pass-through interior are coved to eliminate dust and germ traps. The lipless opening presents no clearance obstructions and further simplifies cleaning.

Removable Cart Ramps on Floor-Mount Models

Floor-mount pass-through chambers include dual-side stainless steel cart ramps, sloped on three sides, that are removable for easy cleaning.

Highest Standards For Electronic Components

Terra’s electronic components are designed and built to the highest standards required by defense and semiconductor industries for long-term reliability and protection against damage, injuries, and electrical hazards.

Air Return Slots for Recirculating HEPA Filtration

Air return slots along bottom interior of the cleanroom passthrough cabinet circulate air back through the built-in fan and HEPA filter to remove airborne particles inside the chamber.

HEPA Filtered Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

  • Smart® Pass-Through Chambers by Terra Universal
  • Smart Pass-through Chamber with ULPA air shower for chemo compounding cleanroom Smart Pass-through Chamber with ULPA Air Shower for Chemo Compounding Cleanroom
  • Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber Video Overview Cleanroom Pass-Through Features and Selection Guide
  • this video shows how the hands-free operation of the automatic pass-through door minimizes the potential for touch contamination Hands-Free, Automatic Pass-Through Door
  • Smart Cleanroom Pass-Through with 90 Degree Corner and HEPA Filtration Smart Cleanroom Pass-Through with 90 Degree Corner and HEPA Filtration
  • Smart Pass-through box with side-mount UV light and recirculating HEPA filtration Smart Pass-Through-Box with Side-Mount UV Light and Recirculating HEPA Filtration
  • Vertically stacked Smart passthrough chambers for stem cell lab Vertically Stacked Smart® Passthrough Chambers with HEPA Filtration on Top for Stem Cell Lab
  • Floor Mounted Recirculating Smart Passthrough Floor-Mounted Smart Pass-Through with Recirculating HEPA Filtration
  • Recirculating HEPA Filtration Pass-Through Chamber Recirculating HEPA Filtration Pass-Through
  • Woman opening extra-large smart pass-through with ULPA filtration Extra-Large Smart Pass-Through with Recirculating ULPA Filtration
  • Pass through with HEPA FFU for transferring equipment into nuclear medicine labs Smart® Pass-Through with Recirculating HEPA Filter System for Transferring Equipment into Nuclear Medicine Lab
Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber Video Overview
this video shows how the hands-free operation of the automatic pass-through door minimizes the potential for touch contamination

Technical Resources


Cleanroom Pass-Through Operational Benefits

Learn about the twelve ways Terra cleanroom pass-through chambers can help overcome your operational challenges such as maintaining cleanliness, reducing cost, and transferring over-sized items into the controlled environment.


Hands-Free, Automatic Pass-Through Door

The Automated Pass-Through Door (exclusive to Terra's Smart Pass-Through Chambers) prevents personnel from inadvertantly contaminating their gloves or surfaces around the cleanroom.


Terra Universal IQ-OQ Process

This video describes the IQ/OQ process for Equipment and Cleanrooms


Cleanroom Pass-Through Features and Selection Guide

Video introduction of pass-through designs, construction and accessories for Terra's family of cleanroom pass-through chambers. Discover how these chambers increase efficiency and reduce contamination with between-room transfer of samples and supplies.


CleanSeam+ Pass-Through

This video outlines the design features and benefits of CleanSeam+ pass-through chambers. Watch the brief, non-time-lapse installation of a chamber and learn about the non-isolated automated door interlock.


Fire-Rated Pass-Through Chamber

Fire-rated pass-through chambers from Terra are UL-10B fire-rated for 90-minute fire exposure (suitable for 2-hour wall rating). Watch this video to learn about more features and their advantages, including the self-closing door and rugged, high-use construction.


High-Speed Roll-Up Cleanroom Doors

High-speed operation allows between-room transfer of large carts and equipment in a high-cycle operation. Watch it in action with this video.


Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber

Watch the operation, and learn about features of roll-up door pass-through chambers, which are ideal for moving carts and other large equipment into the cleanroom without contaminating the controlled space. These transfer chambers allow convenient movement of large objects between rooms.

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