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FloorStatic Dissipative PVC416.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-16F-ISO $3,78825-31 Days2
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC422.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-17F-ISO $4,19725-31 Days3
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC422.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-15F-ISO $4,53525-31 Days4
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC616.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-01F-ISO $5,18525-31 Days5
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC622.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-02F-ISO $5,71925-31 Days6
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC622.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-00F-ISO $6,16525-31 Days7
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC516.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-19F-ISO $4,67825-31 Days8
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC522.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-20D-ISO $4,2731-3 Days9
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC522.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-18F-ISO $5,5961-3 Days10
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC816.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-04F-ISO $6,64825-31 Days11
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC822.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-05F-ISO $7,30925-31 Days12
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC822.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-03F-ISO $7,7531-3 Days13
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC1016.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-07F-ISO $7,90025-31 Days14
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC1022.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-08F-ISO $8,66725-31 Days15
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC1022.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-06F-ISO $9,3031-3 Days16
FloorAcrylic416.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-46F-ISO $2,91425-31 Days17
FloorAcrylic422.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-47F-ISO $3,22825-31 Days18
FloorAcrylic422.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-45F-ISO $3,48825-31 Days19
FloorAcrylic616.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-31F-ISO $3,98825-31 Days20
FloorAcrylic622.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-32F-ISO $4,39925-31 Days21
FloorAcrylic622.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-30F-ISO $4,74225-31 Days22
FloorAcrylic516.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-49F-ISO $3,59925-31 Days23
FloorAcrylic522.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-50F-ISO $3,96925-31 Days24
FloorAcrylic522.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-48F-ISO $4,30425-31 Days25
FloorAcrylic816.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-34F-ISO $5,03325-31 Days26
FloorAcrylic822.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-35F-ISO $5,54125-31 Days27
FloorAcrylic822.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-33F-ISO $5,96425-31 Days28
FloorAcrylic1016.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-37F-ISO $5,99625-31 Days29
FloorAcrylic1022.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-38F-ISO $6,5851-3 Days30
FloorAcrylic1022.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-36F-ISO $7,0751-3 Days31
BenchtopStatic Dissipative PVC316.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-13F-ISO $3,11925-31 Days32
BenchtopStatic Dissipative PVC322.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-14F-ISO $3,4531-3 Days33
BenchtopStatic Dissipative PVC322.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-12F-ISO $3,73125-31 Days34
BenchtopAcrylic316.625"16.125"11.625" 3950-43F-ISO $2,39925-31 Days35
BenchtopAcrylic322.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-44F-ISO $2,65625-31 Days36
BenchtopAcrylic322.125"22.125"11.625" 3950-42F-ISO $2,87025-31 Days37
FloorStatic Dissipative PVC522.125"16.125"11.625" 3950-20F-ISO $5,15925-31 Days38
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Chamber Width
Chamber Depth
Chamber Height
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Product Details

• Gas-purged, general purpose desiccators with high-uniformity automatic RH control systems

• Full cabinet RH control

• Acrylic or static-dissipative PVC

• 3 chambers; benchtop

Chambers: 16.5 & 22" W, 16 & 22" D, 11.5" H

Cabinets: 17 & 24" W, 19 & 25" D, 36" H

• IsoDry Humidity Control system offers greater RH uniformity and significantly speeds up RH recovery times

• IsoDry Gas Dilution Module (patent-pending) rapidly dilutes the air in the cabinet with dry nitrogen gas

• IsoDry Dual Purge system features both high- and low-flow operation for efficient use of nitrogen

• IsoDry NitroWatch controller features programmable set-point control and monitors humidity in the cabinet via the included RH sensor

• High-flow nitrogen gas purging activates when RH rises above the programmed set-point or when a door opens

• A flowmeter installed in the Dual Purge system delivers a slow, continuous flow of nitrogen to supplement the high-flow operation

• Automatic Relief/Bleed valve releases moisture-laden air from the chamber, speeding up dilution and preventing over-pressurization

• LED display shows the current relative humidity level for the entire cabinet

• Reduces moisture-related degradation of semiconductors and electronic components

• Provides a dry storage environment for medical devices, pharmaceutical powders, and other contamination-sensitive materials

• Ergonomic, stainless steel LiftLatches do not scrape the chamber like ordinary rotary latches

• Mechanically attached, one-piece gasket does not creep or crack

• Includes stainless steel-framed doors, one automatic RB (Relief/Bleed) valve per chamber, stainless steel wire racks, and one stainless steel perforated shelf

IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinets

Standard Features

  • A Gas Mixing Module
    Operates when doors are closed to promote uniform humidity levels throughout the cabinet
  • B Relief/Bleed (RB) Valve
    Prevents overpressure; acts as a check valve (one included per chamber)
  • C Reinforced Doors
    Stainless steel door frames include non-adhesive, non-outgassing, one-piece gaskets that won't creep or sag over extended use
  • D Grounding Terminals
    Standard on static-dissipative PVC chambers to prevent electro-static discharge (ESD)

Optional Features

  • 1 IsoDry Automatic Humidity Controllers
    Dual Purge and NitroWatch systems work in tandem to provide variable gas purge: high when needed to reach set point; low to conserve nitrogen
  • 2 Relative Humidity Sensor
    Allows real-time monitor/display of internal humidity level
  • 3 Stand
    Stands available in stainless or powder-coated steel, with casters for easy cabinet positioning
  • 4 Nitrogen Generator
    Nitrogen Generator provides a continuous, reliable source of nitrogen up to 99% pure
  • 5 Stainless-steel shelves and trays
    Adjustable in one-inch increments on stainless steel racks

IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinets

  • Desiccators: Features and Design overview
  • Leveling your Desiccator
  • 8-chamber Static-Dissipative PVC IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinet IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinet, 8-chamber static-dissipative PVC
  • 6-chamber static-dissipative PVC IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinet IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinet, 6-chamber static-dissipative PVC
  • IsoDry Desiccator Cabinet with Nitrogen Generator IsoDry Desiccators
8-chamber Static-Dissipative PVC IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinet
6-chamber static-dissipative PVC IsoDry® Desiccator Cabinet
IsoDry Desiccator Cabinet with Nitrogen Generator

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

IsoDry Explained

IsoDry Dual Purge/NitroWatch Systems

The complete IsoDry control system includes a relative humidity sensor mounted inside the chamber and a Terra's IsoDry Dual Purge and NitroWatch systems, which work in tandem to ensure fast set point recovery times (see graph above).

The Dual Purge system provides a high-volume burst of nitrogen to attain the RH set point upon system set-up. Once this set point is attained, it uses an economical low-flow purge to maintain the set point, and then activates the high-flow purge the minute a door opens to recover set point with minimal nitrogen waste. The NitroWatch provides continuous monitor/display of both measured RH and set point levels.

Status alerts built into the IsoDry Dual Purge System warn if incoming nitrogen line pressure falls below operational rates (signaling an interruption in the gas supply) or if the system remains in high-flow purge for an excessive period (signaling a door left ajar). This integrated system also provides the low-voltage power required by the IsoDry and a variable speed control for the dilution fans.

For smaller cabinets, a flowmeter kit provides an economical alternative to the automated Dual Purge/NitroWatch controller. The flowmeter kit includes a plug-in power supply for the gas mixing fans, but does not include set-point capability or RH monitoring.

What's Your Application?

The standard NitroPlex™ system provides unsurpassed moisture control in dozens of storage applications. Temperature, gas or biological sensors expand the range of critical operations.

  • Microelectronics components, surface-mount devices (SMDs), hybrid packages
  • Storage of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for rework
  • Pharmaceutical R&D studies
  • Kitting of high-precision watch components
  • Pass-through transfer of night-vision electronics
  • Lithium battery development
  • Humidity testing of cosmetics
  • Accelerated life testing of ICs
  • Animal inhalation and toxicology research

Which critical control application can you find in your facility?

Power Requirement24V: draws power from IsoDry Dual Purge System
Fans120 CFM each
Display5-digit LED
Display Resolution± 0.1%RH
Sensor Accuracy± 2% RH @ 20°C
Measuring Range0 - 100% RH
CalibrationNone required for standard accuracy range

Automatic Relief/Bleed Valve

Terra's Automatic Relief/Bleed (RB) Valve opens up at 0.01 PSI, relieving overpressure that could damage desiccators; also works as a check valve to prevent influx of room air.

IsoDry Gas Dilution Module

IsoDry Gas Dilution Module enhances the relative humidity uniformity throughout the desiccator cabinet.

Static-Dissipative PVC Plating

Terra's SDPVC features bonded dissipative layers that resist abrasion. SDPVC desiccators retain their surface resistivity of 106 - 108 ohms/square indefinitely (unlike spray-on coatings that can wear off after a few years), protecting your materials against ESD damage. Further, the control of static charges eliminates particle attractions, helping maintain clean surfaces.

Ergonomic LiftLatches

Lifting latch mechanism minimizes stress on wrists and desiccator hinges; non-rotary motion generates no particles inside the storage area (optional locking model shown)

Reinforced Doors with Non-adhesive Gaskets

Stainless steel door frames extend desiccator life; one-piece fused gaskets are non-outgassing, will not creep or sag

Gas Dilution System Ensures Uniform Humidity

IsoDry Gas Dilution Module enhances relative humidity uniformity throughout the desiccator cabinet and speeds up moisture removal after doors are closed.

Three-Chamber IsoDry Desiccator Cabinet

Available in three chamber sizes, these desiccators provide uniform gas distribution and reach humidity set-point quickly, ideal for moisture-sensitive samples; include racks for adjustable shelving.

Doors - The First Failure Point of a Desiccator Cabinet

Terra’s stainless steel door frames eliminate the need for internal reinforcements, which create particle surfaces and compromise cleaning. Unlike other doors with glue-on anti-bow pieces, Terra’s doors use no adhesives. This eliminates particle traps, sources of outgassing—and extends the strength and service life of the desiccator.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • 3-inch Diameter Caster Set
    Casters are easily retrofitted for mobility. Products can be rolled out of the way when cleaning or relocated as workflow changes.
  • Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
    Provides a convenient record of storage conditions inside a Desiccator chamber-adjustable logging interval (hours to months), USB port for easy data download in several formats.
  • Dual Purge and NitroWatch
    Terra’s Dual Purge and NitroWatch relative humidity controllers maintain a low-RH set-point inside a desiccator or glove box; they provide variable purge control that ensures continuous positive pressure and eliminates nitrogen waste.
  • NitroWatch Relative Humidity Sensor
    NitroWatch relative humidity sensor provides continuous moisture monitoring inside a desiccator or glove box.
  • Jumbo Display Hygro-Thermometer
    Digital temperature/humidity gauge is ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity.
  • Microwaveable Kleer-Vue Sorbent Box
    An alternative to nitrogen purging, these desiccant units contain indicating silica gel that turns from blue to pink as moisture is absorbed.
  • Available Stainless Steel Shelves and Trays
    Adjustable, non-contaminating shelves and trays slide on stainless steel racks, allowing easy parts access (one perforated shelf included)
  • Nitrogen Generator
    Terra’s Nitrogen Generators provide a continuous, reliable supply of clean, dry nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate dependence on bulky canisters to operate desiccators and glove boxes.
  • Small Powder-Coated Steel Desiccator Stand, 4"H
    Small 4"H powder-coated steel desiccator stand adjusts to fit cabinet snugly; optional casters simplify positioning and cleaning. Also available in stainless steel and 12" height.

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Manuals & Resources

Desiccator Dual Purge System

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