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Mobile Desiccator Cabinet; 1 Chamber, Static Dissipative PVC, 23.75" W x 28.875" D x 60.25" H ID
Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Stores PCBs and other sensitive electronics in a clean, static-safe environment
  • Designed to maximize productivity by accelerating throughput, minimizing PCB handling damage and providing superior ESD protection.
  • Internal tray cart: lightweight stainless steel wires with thirty molded dissipative fiberglass trays with reversible dissipative rubber inlays
  • Supports lean manufacturing by offering color-coding accessories that clearly identify trays and carts.
  • Sealed outer shell is fabricated of static-dissipative PVC for additional ESD protection
  • Features non-outgassing LiftLatches®  and vibration-suppression casters
  • Capacity, Weight: 20 lbs (9072 g) per level and 600 lbs (272.2 kg) per cart

Chamber Dimensions: 23.75" W x 28.875" D x 60.25" H

Chamber Material: Static Dissipative PVC

Opening Dimensions: 23.5" W x 60.25" H

Number of Chambers: 1

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: None

Weight, Product: 206 lb

Dimensions, Product: 24.125" W x 29" D x 67" H

Weight, Shipping: 375 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 29.75" W x 72.25" D x 39.5" H

Package Type: Crate

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Mobile Desiccator Cabinet
Standard Features
  • A Stop Bars (2)
    Stop Bars prevent movement of trays during transport
  • B SDPVC Construction
    Static dissipative PVC construction provides superior ESD protection
  • C Vibration Suppression Casters
    Cushioned vibration suppression casters minimize vibration during transport and lock for stability.
  • D ESD Grounding Cable
    Electrostatic Dissipative grounding cable provides ground connection Prevents build-ups of surface static charges that can discharge on sensitive materials
  • E RB Valve
    Relief/bleed valve prevents over pressuring cabinet during nitrogen hookup
  • F Reinforced Stainless Steel Doors
    Reinforced Stainless Steel Doors and latches

Specialty Desiccator Cabinets

  • SDPVC Mobile Desiccator Cabinet SDPVC Mobile Desiccator Cabinet
  • Smart® Humidity Module upgrade tutorial Installing Terra's ValuLine™ Desiccator Smart® Controller
Smart® Humidity Module upgrade tutorial

Features and Benefits

Application-Specific Cart Configurations!

Modular cart designs allow configuration for specialized trays, totes and other containers. Shown: ESD-Safe Enclosed Electronics Cart features conductive trays, cushioning casters and a foot-activated brake.

ESD-Safe Enclosed Electronics Cart Door Open

Steel frame has 30-tray capacity for electronic components storage. Cart is enclosed by transparent static-dissipative PVC to protect against ESD.

Rapid Drying of Hygroscopic Material

Terra's gas-purged desiccators utilize a rapid flow of inert nitrogen to quickly dry hygroscopic samples and components
Popular Accessories
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  • ESD-Safe Electronic Tray Carts

    Each cart features vibration-suppression casters to ensure a smooth ride. Two brake casters provide a braking option on inclined and uneven floors. Two stop bars secure the trays during transit.

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