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Yes44"8240 VFor Hoods 2005-37-220 $9154-6 Days2
Yes44"8240 VFor Cleanrooms/FFUs 2005-49-220 $8361-3 Days3
Yes44"8120 VFor Hoods 2005-37 $8764-6 Days4
Yes44"8120 VFor Cleanrooms/FFUs 2005-49 $7971-3 Days5
Yes11"2240 VFor Hoods 2005-35-220 $6054-6 Days6
Yes11"2120 VFor Hoods 2005-35 $5434-6 Days7
Yes22"4240 VFor Hoods 2005-36-220 $7064-6 Days8
Yes22"4240 VFor Cleanrooms/FFUs 2005-47-220 $6451-3 Days9
Yes22"4120 VFor Hoods 2005-36 $6391-3 Days10
Yes22"4120 VFor Cleanrooms/FFUs 2005-47 $5801-3 Days11
Yes33"6240 VFor Hoods 2005-38-220 $8074-6 Days12
Yes33"6240 VFor Cleanrooms/FFUs 2005-48-220 $7371-3 Days13
Yes33"6120 VFor Hoods 2005-38 $7651-3 Days14
Yes33"6120 VFor Cleanrooms/FFUs 2005-48 $6951-3 Days15
No44"8240 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-31-220 $1,3554-6 Days16
No44"8120 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-31 $1,3251-3 Days17
No44"8120 VUninstalled 2005-07A $7541-3 Days18
No11"2240 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-29-220 $9534-6 Days19
No11"2120 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-29 $9234-6 Days20
No11"2120 VUninstalled 2005-05A $4141-3 Days21
No22"4240 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-30-220 $1,0824-6 Days22
No22"4120 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-30 $1,0521-3 Days23
No22"4120 VUninstalled 2005-06A $5231-3 Days24
No33"6240 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-32-220 $1,2174-6 Days25
No33"6120 VFor Gloveboxes 2005-32 $1,1871-3 Days26
No33"6120 VUninstalled 2005-16A $6411-3 Days27
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• Neutralizes charges that attract and hold particles on wall, tabletops and other surfaces

• Guarantees intrinsically balanced ionization

• Emits equal numbers of positive and negative ions and requires no calibration or adjustments

• One of the most reliable ionizers available

• Attaches to cleanroom ceiling T-grid without disrupting the laminar flow in the cleanroom

• Requires no calibration automatically maintains ion balance of ± 50 volts

• Steady-state DC ion emission provides effective discharge

• Mounting beneath ceiling filter/fan units ensures even distribution throughout the area below

• Discharge times directly under the Bar average 28

• Input: 24 VAC, order transformer separately

• Red LED Power Indicator

• Replaceable Emitter Points derived from machined titanium, 3-year estimated life (field replaceable)

• 50 fpm (0.25 m/s) minimum required at bar for proper operation

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