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Grid White 2XL Boot 4953-29$480-10 Days
Grid White S Boot 4953-25$440-10 Days
Grid White M Boot 4953-26$440-10 Days
Grid White L Boot 4953-27$440-10 Days
Grid White XL Boot 4953-28$440-10 Days
Grid White XS Boot 4953-24$440-10 Days
Grid Navy Blue 2XL Boot 4953-35$480-10 Days
Grid Navy Blue S Boot 4953-31$440-10 Days
Grid Navy Blue M Boot 4953-32$440-10 Days
Grid Navy Blue L Boot 4953-33$440-10 Days
Grid Navy Blue XL Boot 4953-34$440-10 Days
Grid Navy Blue XS Boot 4953-30$440-10 Days
Maxima ESD White 2XL Boot 4953-48A$325-7 Days
Maxima ESD White S Boot 4953-44A$295-7 Days
Maxima ESD White M Boot 4953-45A$295-7 Days
Maxima ESD White L Boot 4953-46A$295-7 Days
Maxima ESD White XL Boot 4953-47A$295-7 Days
Maxima ESD White XS Boot 4953-43A$295-7 Days
Grid White XS Boot 4953-77$440-10 Days
Grid White S Boot 4953-78$440-10 Days
Grid White M Boot 4953-79$440-10 Days
Grid White M Boot 4953-80$440-10 Days
Grid White L Boot 4953-81$440-10 Days
Grid White XL Boot 4953-82$440-10 Days
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Product Details

• Carbon fibers promote static dissipation

• Boots attach to back of leg using reinforced snaps

• Fluid-resistant surgical fabric makes Maxima ideal for health care applications

• Limited-linting yarns that reduce the risk of fiber-generated infection

• High-density construction that resists fluids and bacterial penetration

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