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Full MatClear Over Gray36"60"High Tack 5600-56 $16934-40 Days2
Full MatClear Over Gray18"45"High Tack 5600-51 $5534-40 Days3
Full MatClear Over Gray18"36"High Tack 5600-50 $4734-40 Days4
Full MatClear Over Gray24"36"High Tack 5600-52 $6134-40 Days5
Full MatBlue36"45"High Tack 5601-37 $1120-2 Days6
Full MatBlue36"45"Medium Tack 5601-21 $1120-2 Days7
Full MatBlue36"36"High Tack 5601-36 $905-7 Days8
Full MatBlue36"36"Medium Tack 5601-20 $9334-40 Days9
Full MatBlue36"60"High Tack 5601-38 $17034-40 Days10
Full MatBlue36"60"Medium Tack 5601-22 $1730-2 Days11
Full MatBlue18"45"High Tack 5601-33 $5534-40 Days12
Full MatBlue18"45"Medium Tack 5601-17 $5334-40 Days13
Full MatBlue18"36"High Tack 5601-32 $480-2 Days14
Full MatBlue18"36"Medium Tack 5601-16 $460-2 Days15
Full MatBlue26"45"High Tack 5601-35 $7934-40 Days16
Full MatBlue24"36"High Tack 5601-34 $640-2 Days17
Full MatBlue24"36"Medium Tack 5601-18 $600-2 Days18
Full MatClear36"45"Medium Tack 5601-69 $11034-40 Days19
Full MatClear36"36"Medium Tack 5601-68 $9334-40 Days20
Full MatClear36"60"Medium Tack 5601-70 $17034-40 Days21
Full MatClear18"45"Medium Tack 5601-65 $5534-40 Days22
Full MatClear18"36"Medium Tack 5601-64 $470-2 Days23
Full MatClear26"45"Medium Tack 5601-67 $7934-40 Days24
Full MatClear24"36"Medium Tack 5601-66 $6334-40 Days25
Full MatClear Over White36"45"High Tack 5600-62 $11034-40 Days26
Full MatClear Over White36"60"High Tack 5600-63 $17034-40 Days27
Full MatClear Over White18"45"High Tack 5600-58 $5534-40 Days28
Full MatClear Over White18"36"High Tack 5600-57 $4634-40 Days29
Full MatClear Over White26"45"High Tack 5600-60 $7934-40 Days30
Full MatClear Over White24"36"High Tack 5600-59 $6334-40 Days31
2 StripsWhite36"45"Medium Tack 5602-73 $1250-2 Days32
2 StripsWhite36"60"Medium Tack 5602-74 $1680-2 Days33
2 StripsWhite18"36"High Tack 5600-71 $440-2 Days34
2 StripsWhite18"36"Medium Tack 5602-68 $440-2 Days35
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Product Details

• Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface

• Numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets

• Available in two tackiness grades: 12.0 or 15.0 ounces/square inch (527.3 kg/ sq. m or 659.1 kg/ sq. m) of adhesion

• Smooth, effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties or cart wheels

• No sheet delamination or adhesive transfer

• Select from among four different colors and eight different sizes

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Cleanroom Sticky Mats & Mat Frames

The Cleanline sticky mats are a fast and reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering a clean area.

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