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Cleanliness Design

Terra Part #PriceShips in
304 Stainless Steel10 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-09 61467 $4981-3 Days2
304 Stainless Steel24 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-04 61303 $1,1631-3 Days3
304 Stainless Steel32 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-06 61305 $1,53625-31 Days4
304 Stainless Steel48 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-07 61306 $2,11725-31 Days5
Acrylic8 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4950-45A 62101 $1731-3 Days6
Acrylic10 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-10 61571 $2991-3 Days7
Acrylic12 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-15A 62104 $2391-3 Days8
Acrylic16 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-17A 62106 $2691-3 Days9
Acrylic24 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-11 61574 $66410-16 Days10
Acrylic24 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-21A 62110 $3671-3 Days11
Acrylic32 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-12 61577 $92110-16 Days12
Acrylic32 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-25A 62114 $5601-3 Days13
Acrylic48 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-13 61580 $1,27110-16 Days14
Acrylic48 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-27A 62116 $6611-3 Days15
Acrylic98 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-05A 62103 $9921-3 Days16
Polypropylene8 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-10A 62118 $2301-3 Days17
Polypropylene10 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-30 61573 $37310-16 Days18
Polypropylene12 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-90 69143 $30910-16 Days19
Polypropylene16 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-93 69145 $3671-3 Days20
Polypropylene24 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-31 61576 $8311-3 Days21
Polypropylene24 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-95 69147 $47810-16 Days22
Polypropylene32 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-32 61579 $1,15210-16 Days23
Polypropylene32 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-97 69149 $72710-16 Days24
Polypropylene48 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-33 61582 $1,58810-16 Days25
Polypropylene48 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-98 69152 $86110-16 Days26
Polypropylene98 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-99 69155 $1,2801-3 Days27
Static Dissipative PVC8 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4950-46A 62102 $2301-3 Days28
Static Dissipative PVC10 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-20 61572 $3991-3 Days29
Static Dissipative PVC24 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-21 61575 $88510-16 Days30
Static Dissipative PVC24 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-24 37463 $6451-3 Days31
Static Dissipative PVC32 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-22 61578 $1,22810-16 Days32
Static Dissipative PVC48 CompartmentsBioSafe® 4949-23 61581 $1,69310-16 Days33
Acrylic16 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-19A 62108 $2831-3 Days34
Acrylic24 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4951-23A 62112 $3671-3 Days35
Polypropylene16 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-94 69146 $3671-3 Days36
Polypropylene24 CompartmentsGeneral Use 4952-96 69148 $4781-3 Days37
Cleanliness Design
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Product Details

• Open compartments for quick stocking and retrieval

• Hinged design swings away from the wall plate for deep cleaning

• Sloped compartments hold glasses securely

• Lift-off hinges allow complete removal of compartments

• Non-shedding materials for cleanroom compatibilty

• Stainless steel models are Ideal for medical or food processing facilities with stringent sanitation protocols.

• BioSafe® design eliminates cracks and crevices where germs can colonize and particles aggregate, making cleaning easy and effective

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

BioSafe® Hinged Swing Out Design for Easy Cleaning

BioSafe® models feature a hinged swing-out design that allows for easy cleaning. Stainless steel construction provides smooth, easy to clean surfaces and stands up to sterilization with harsh biocides, including alcohol.

Key Hole Mounting Slot Cover on BioSafe Wall-Mount Apparel Dispensers

BioSafe Wall-Mount Apparel Dispensers feature four keyhole mounting slots for easy wall installation

BioSafe® Safety Glasses Holder With Hinged Removable Housing

BioSafe® models feature a hinged removable housing that lifts out for easy and thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for medical or food processing facilities with stringent sanitation protocols.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Electropolish Finish
    Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance, improves ease of cleaning, and provides a smooth and bright finish.

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