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HEPA Blower26"13.5"61.5" 6081-05C $3,8761-3 Days2
HEPA Blower26"13.5"61.5" 6081-05C-220 $3,8764-6 Days3
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Product Details

• UV cabinet sterilizes and dries various PPE such as safety glasses, hard hats, face masks/shields

• UV sterilizer cabinet is also ideal for totes, glassware and other small lab supplies

• UV-C lamp installed at top of interior; mirror-finish interior reflects light to reach all surfaces

• HEPA fan filter unit (FFU) removes contaminants; 99.99% efficient @0.3 µm

• Open rod shelving optimizes vertical flow of clean air through the cabinet

• Stainless steel ultraviolet disinfection cabinet resists damages under exposure to UV light

• Built-in timer lets you establish sterilization cycles and duration

• Status indicator lights glow continuously to show HEPA FFU is turned on and flash to indicate that FFU is turned off, providing a visual alert to proper blower/filter operation

• Door kill switch stops UV operaton when door is open, ensuring safe operation

• Overlapping opaque doors provide UV-C shielding

• Non-adjustable shelves are 12" deep and 24" wide

• Air exhaust slots are located on the bottom of the cabinet to promote laminar airflow

• Includes leveling feet; raises cabinet 5.5"

• Order casters separately

Filtration UV Sterilization Cabinet

Standard Features

  • A Timer
  • B Fan power switch
    Fan power switch
  • C Fan speed control
    Fan speed control
  • D Status indicator
    Status indicator
  • E Mirror-finish interior
    Mirror-finish interior
  • F Wire racks
    Wire racks
  • G Door vents
    Door vents
  • H Powder-coated steel stand
    Powder-coated steel stand with adjustable nylon leveling feet

Storage Cabinets

  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model
  • Storage Cabinet, Photomask/Reticle Reticle/Photomask Storage Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinet, Locking Storage Cabinet, Locking
  • Plastic Cleanroom Storage Cabinets Plastic Cleanroom Storage Cabinets
  • Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet by Terra Universal Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet
Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model
Storage Cabinet, Photomask/Reticle
Storage Cabinet, Locking
Plastic Cleanroom Storage Cabinets
Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet by Terra Universal

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