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  1. 33 Manufacturer SKU9 Monitor Holder4 30m LED Light2 Rad Shield2 Boom Series4 System

    • 100% customizable operating room boom/pendants in single, dual, triple and quad models
    • Select models include iCE 30m LED Surgical Lighting System and single, dual or combination monitor holders
    • 340 degree rotation in a fixed and central point location
    • Integrates with Amico GoLift Patient Lift System to create a Patient Lift Pendant (PLP)
    • Clinical environment usage: operating, procedure and emergency rooms and ICU units
    Manufacturer SKU: SL‐S‐30M, SL‐S‐MH1, SL‐S‐MH2, SL‐S3‐S‐30M, SL‐S3‐S‐MH1, SL‐S3‐S‐MH2, SL‐D‐30M‐30M, SL‐D‐30M‐MH1, SL‐D‐30M‐MH2, SL‐D‐30M‐RS, SL‐S3‐D‐MH2‐MH2, SL‐S3‐D‐MH1‐MH2, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐30M, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐MH1, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐MH2, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐RS, SL‐S3‐D‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐T‐30M‐30M‐30M, SL‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH1, SL‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH2, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐30M‐30M, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH1, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH2, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐MH1‐MH2, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐MH2‐MH2, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐30M‐MH1, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐30M‐MH2 iCEm, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐MH1‐MH2, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐MH2‐MH2, SL‐Q‐30M‐MH1‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐Q‐30M‐MH1‐MH1‐MH2
    Monitor Holder: None, 1 Single, 1 Dual, 2 Dual, Single/Dual, 2 Single, 1 Single/1 Dual, 3 Single, 2 Single/1 Dual
    30m LED Light: 1, None, 2, 3
    Rad Shield: No, Yes
    Boom Series: iCE Series 1, iCE Series 3
    System: Single, Dual, Triple, Quad
  2. CE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoTUV CertificationTUV Certification
    1 Material4 Capacity4 Model4 Manufacturer SKU

    • Lightweight, portable and easy to install patient transfer systems
    • Integrates with Amico Patient Lift Pendants (PLP); patient lift slings sold separately
    • Capacity load: GoLift 400 lbs., GoLift 700 lbs., GoLift 1000lbs. and GoLift Portable 450 lbs.
    • For use in medical and healthcare environments
    • Includes: GoLift motor, charger, trolley, manual and capacitive touch hand control
    Material: Metal/Steel
    Capacity: 700 lbs., 400 lbs., 1000 lbs., 450 lbs.
    Model: GoLift 700, GoLift 400, Golift 1000, GoLift Portable 450
  3. OR Equipment Booms/Pendants by Amico
    Some ship in 20 - 30 days
    1 Type1 Boom Series7 Gas Supply

    • Customizable operating room booms/pendants are available with surgical room shelves
    • Integrated multiple equipment rails on front and back of console accommodate medical devices
    • Pendant load capacity: 400 lbs.
    • Console size: 50 x 18 x 9 in.
    • Choice of medical gas assembly: Nitro control panel, vacuum with holder, carbon dioxide
    Type: Medical Gas Pendant
    Boom Series: OR Equipment
    Gas Supply: Vacuum, CO2, N2, Vacuum/CO2, Vacuum/N2, CO2/N2, Vacuum/CO2/N2
  4. Anesthesia Operating Room Booms/Pendants by Amico
    Some ship in 15 - 20 days
    1 Type1 Standard Arm Length1 Boom Series6 Gas Supply

    • 100% customizable vertical booms with anesthesia console for OR and clinical environment usage
    • 340-degree rotation in a fixed and central point
    • Choice of medical gas assembly: Oxygen, Medical Air and Vacuum with holder
    • Console size: 30 x 14 x 12 in.
    • Options: LED night light, big screen monitor (50” or 60”) and console laminates
    Type: Medical Gas Pendant
    Standard Arm Length: 1000 mm - 800 mm
    Boom Series: Anesthesia Boom
    Gas Supply: Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum, Oxygen/Medical Air, Medical Air/Vacuum, Oxygen/Medical Air/Vacuum
  5. 2 Lighting19 Manufacturer SKU2 Standards3 Standard Arm Length2 V-Series Arm Length3 Mount2 Arm1 Boom Series

    • Customizable electronic articulating surgical room pendants with a 340-degree rotation
    • Available in single, dual and tandem mounted models
    • Select models include V-Series vertical arm and L-series arm
    • Electric braking system delivers smooth, no drift movement and seamless infection control
    • Integrated Equipment Rails enable multiple accessories to be positioned
    Lighting: No, Yes
    Manufacturer SKU: LP‐V‐8L‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐81‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐18‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐11‐90‐115U, LP-V-28-90-115U, LP‐V‐21‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐8L‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐88‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐81‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐18‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐11‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐28‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐21‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐1111‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐1111‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐TM‐8888‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐TM‐1811‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐TM‐8888‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐TM‐1811‐90‐115I
    Standards: United States, Canadian & International ISO
    Standard Arm Length: 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm
    V-Series Arm Length: 750 mm, 950 mm
    Mount: Single, Dual, Tandem
    Arm: One, Two
    Boom Series: Spectra V-Series
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70 products meet your criteria.

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Surgical Suite Equipment Features

GoLift Portable 450 Patient Handling by Amico

Ideal lightweight and transportable patient handling system with a capacitive touch control and long lasting NiMH battery

Adjustable Height and Smooth Movement

Ergonomic control enables no drift movement when brakes are engaged for smooth maneuverability in the surgical room

Customizable Console

Integrated equipment rails enable positioning of accessories and medical shelves with a 150 lb. load capacity

Easy Access to Internal Components

Hinged back door enables convenient access to internal components for hassle-free maintenance

Seamless Infection Control

Designed with a seamless infection control to prevent the spread of bacteria inside the operating room

Integrated Equipment Rails

Accessories can be easily mounted on integrated rails for customization and flexibility

100% Customizable Consoles

Consoles of Amico booms and pendants allow customized placement of electrical and medical gas services

Electric Brake

Energy efficient electric brakes and an ergonomic intuitive control handle are easy to maneuver within the operating room

Adjustable Height Monitor Arm

Featured 180° side to side motion can be mounted directly to any equipment rail or wall channel

Easy-to-Clean Design

Top cap prevents dust and bacteria from settling on the top surface of the surgical room boom and the rounded design is easy-to-clean

Surgical Suite Equipment

  • 100% Customizable Operating Room Patient Lift Pendant Boom by Amico 100% Customizable Operating Room Patient Lift Pendant/Boom by Amico
  • Operating Room Equipment Booms/Pendants by Amico Operating Room Equipment Booms/Pendants by Amico
  • Anesthesia Operating Room BoomsPendants by Amico Anesthesia Operating Room Booms/Pendants by Amico
  • GoLift Patient Lift Pendant by Amico GoLift Patient Handling by Amico
  • iCE Series Operating Room Boom/Pendants by Amico iCE Series Operating Room Boom/Pendants by Amico
  • Height adjustable Spectra V-Series Surgical Room Pendant by Amico Height adjustable Spectra V-Series Surgical Boom/Pendant by Amico
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