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PolyurethaneL12"ESD-Resistant4 mil 1690-39 7979 $6215-15 Days2
PolyurethaneL12"ESD-Resistant8 mil 1690-45 7985 $65615-15 Days3
PolyurethaneM12"ESD-Resistant4 mil 1690-38 7978 $6215-15 Days4
PolyurethaneM12"ESD-Resistant8 mil 1690-44 7984 $65615-15 Days5
PolyurethaneS12"ESD-Resistant4 mil 1690-37 7977 $6215-15 Days6
PolyurethaneS12"ESD-Resistant8 mil 1690-43 7983 $65615-15 Days7
PolyurethaneS12"ESD-Resistant4 mil 1690-40 7980 $91815-15 Days8
PolyurethaneM12"ESD-Resistant4 mil 1690-41 7981 $91815-15 Days9
PolyurethaneL12"ESD-Resistant4 mil 1690-42 7982 $91815-15 Days10
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Product Details

• Reusable/FREON® cleanable

• Powder-free surface for cleanroom use

• Designed for use in semiconductor manufacturing and testing

• Unique formulation absorbs perspiration during wear, providing increased user comfort and productivity

• Seamless non-woven construction prevents lint and fiber contamination

• Extremely tough, but ultra-sheer proprietary polyurethane formulation provides unsurpassed sensitivity

• Designed specifically for ESD-sensitive applications

• Polyurethane formulation provides an average surface resistivity of 5 x 105 ohms/square

• Resist a wide range of solvents, including aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents

• Non-woven, absorptive material eliminates lint and fibers for cleanroom use

• Powder-free design prevents particulate contamination

• Ultra-sheer (1.5 mil) thickness ensures optimal comfort and flexibility

• Carbon black compound will not migrate or contaminate

• Available in low weight (4 mil) and medium weight (8 mil) thicknesses

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