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Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel60 galSelf-Closing Double Door2 ShelvesYellowStainless Steel896020 2820-06A $9158-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel60 galManual Double Door2 ShelvesYellowStainless Steel896000 2820-05A $8428-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel30 galSelf-Closing Sliding Door1 ShelfYellowStainless Steel893080 2820-07A $9398-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel30 galManual Double Door1 ShelfYellowStainless Steel893000 2800-00A $5648-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel30 galSelf-Closing Double Door1 ShelfYellowStainless Steel893020 2820-00A $6318-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel45 galManual Double Door2 ShelvesYellowStainless Steel894500 2820-02A $6998-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel45 galSelf-Closing Double Door2 ShelvesYellowStainless Steel894520 2820-03A $7688-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel45 galSelf-Closing Sliding Door2 ShelvesYellowStainless Steel894580 2820-08A $1,0808-12 Days
Wall MountDouble-Walled Steel20 galManual Double Door3 ShelvesYellowStainless Steel893400 2820-15A $6558-12 Days
Wall MountDouble-Walled Steel17 galManual Double Door1 ShelfYellowStainless Steel8917008 2820-16A $5328-12 Days
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• Provides safe storage for flammable liquids

• 18-gauge double-wall insulating barriers

• Fully painted inside-and-out with durable, lead-free hybrid powder-paint for chemical resistance

• 1.5" (38 mm) insulating space between the walls for fire resistance

• Includes Spill-Slope safety shelves adjustable on 3" (76 mm) centers with load levels of 350 lbs. (158.9 kg.)

• Dual vents and built-in arresters at bottom and opposite top

• Fail-safe, three-point stainless steel self-latching system for positive door closure

• Manual-closing or self-closing doors with fusible link that seals at 165º F (74°C)

• Padlock-ready recessed handles

• Haz-Alert reflective labels are visible with a flashlight beam

• Cabinets meet NFPA and OSHA code requirements and are FM approved

• Rounded door corners to reduce accidental nicks or cuts

• 2" (51 mm) leak tight sump, dual vents with flame arresters

• Four adjustable leveling feet

• Grounding connector

• Hazard warning in three languages

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Sure-Grip EX Safety Can Storage Cabinets from Justrite

More Information

Sure-Grip® EX Safety Can Storage Cabinets from Justrite

All models are fully compliant to OSHA and NFPA and most are FM approved. Self-close models also meet the Uniform Fire Code. They shut and latch automatically when fusible links melt at 165°F (74°C) under fire conditions. Patented, concealed closing mechanism in self-close style maximizes available shelf space and minimizes risk of damage to the mechanism.

U-Loc™ Padlockable Handle

Attractive U-Loc™ padlockable paddle handle with slip resistant grip offers easy fingertip operation and reduces dangerous "catches" from passing traffic. Handle is supplied with two keys and accepts an optional No. 5 Master Lock® padlock for added security. Padlock offers a greater visual deterrent and can be easily keyed differently, keyed alike, or master keyed for employee convenience or to limit access to authorized personnel.

Haz-Alert™ Reflective Labeling

When illuminated by a flashlight beam, hazardous warning labels burst with high visibility under fire conditions or power outages. Labels are strategically positioned in high and low zones to help firefighters easily locate volatile liquids.

SpillSlope™ Safety Shelves

Sturdy, galvanized steel SpillSlope™ shelves safely direct accidental spills to the back of the cabinet and to the bottom of the leak-proof sump. Adjustable on 3" (76 mm) centers, they meet ANSI standards with a 350 lb. (159 kg.) safe allowable load.

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