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Terra Part #PriceShips in
Phosphine20-700 ppm 9004-07 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Chloride0.4-40 ppm 9003-27 $885-7 Days
Hydrogen Chloride20-1200 ppm 9003-26 $995-7 Days
Hydrogen Fluoride0.17-30 ppm 9003-30 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Selenide1-600 ppm 9003-31 $865-7 Days
Phosphine in Acetylene5-90 ppm 9004-10 $865-7 Days
Ammonia0.2-20 ppm 9002-23 $875-7 Days
Ammonia0.1%-1% 9002-25 $875-7 Days
Ammonia50-900 ppm 9002-21 $875-7 Days
Ammonia5-260 ppm 9002-22 $865-7 Days
Ammonia0.5-30 ppm 9002-24 $875-7 Days
Carbon Dioxide100-7000 ppm 9002-42 $865-7 Days
Carbon Dioxide0.1%-2.6% 9002-43 $865-7 Days
Carbon Dioxide100-4000 ppm 9002-44 $865-7 Days
Carbon Dioxide0.05%-1% 9002-45 $865-7 Days
Carbon Dioxide1%-20% 9002-47 $865-7 Days
Carbon Dioxide5%-50% 9002-48 $885-7 Days
Carbon Monoxide5-1000 ppm 9002-51 $865-7 Days
Carbon Monoxide10-250 ppm 9002-52 $865-7 Days
Carbon Monoxide0.1%-20% 9002-54 $885-7 Days
Chlorine1-40 ppm 9002-63 $865-7 Days
Chlorine0.1-10 ppm 9002-64 $865-7 Days
Chlorine0.05-2 ppm 9002-65 $885-7 Days
Chlorine Dioxide1-20 ppm 9002-67 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide50-2000 ppm 9003-32 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide1-60 ppm 9003-33 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide0.1-6 ppm 9003-34 $885-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide0.05%-1.2% 9003-35 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide0.75-150 ppm 9003-36 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide50-1600 ppm 9003-37 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide0.1%-4% 9003-39 $865-7 Days
Hydrogen Sulphide2%-20% 9003-40 $885-7 Days
Inorganic GasesQualitative 9003-42 $885-7 Days
Mercaptans0.5-10 ppm 9003-56 $885-7 Days
Nitric Acid Vapor1-20 ppm 9003-85 $995-7 Days
Nitrogen Dioxide0.5-30 ppm 9003-87 $865-7 Days
Nitrogen Oxide/DioxideNO: 10-300 ppm/NO2: 1-40 ppm 9003-88 $865-7 Days
Nitrogen Oxides20-250 ppm 9003-90 $865-7 Days
Nitrogen Oxides0.5-30 ppm 9003-92 $885-7 Days
Oxygen2%-24% 9003-95 $865-7 Days
Oxygen2%-24% 9003-96 $885-7 Days
Sulfur Dioxide0.1%-3% 9004-22 $875-7 Days
Sulfur Dioxide20-300 ppm 9004-25 $875-7 Days
Sulfur Dioxide1-60 ppm 9004-26 $875-7 Days
Sulfur Dioxide0.25-10 ppm 9004-27 $865-7 Days
Water Vapor1.7-33.8 mg/L 9004-44 $875-7 Days
Water Vapor0.05-2 mg/L 9004-45 $885-7 Days
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Product Details

• Toxic Gas Detector System is ideal for day-to-day monitoring of exhaust purification filter efficiency

• Small size and ease of use allow spot testing of a wide variety of hazardous gases and vapors

• Precision sampling pump draws an air sample through the detector tube

• Select the desired detector tubes for your application when you configure your order

• Each tube is formulated with high purity reagents that absorb and react with the measured gas or vapor, causing a colorimetric stain that corresponds in length to the concentration of the gas or vapor being measured

• Complete, easy-to-use sampling and analysis system

• Detects and measures hazardous gases and vapors with a single stroke, minimizing sample variations

• Certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

• Ideal for monitoring performance of Ductless Fume Hoods

• The most cost effective solution to air sampling and analysis

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Toxic Gas Detector System

More Information

Four types of tubes provide the needed flexibility for different gases and sampling conditions.

Direct Reading Scale
In this type, the colorimetric stain varies in length proportional to the amount of gas or vapor being measured. The concentration is read directly off a scale etched on each tube.

Chart Comparison Tubes
This type works similar to the direct reading type above. A sample is taken and the stain length is compared to a printed concentration chart enclosed with each box of tubes.

Color Comparison Tubes
In this type, the intensity of color change, rather than the length of stain, is compared to a standard color chart.

Multi-Part Tube Sets
The multi-part tube sets use a pre-treat or primary reaction tube in addition to the detector tube. The “front-end” tube scrubs the sample air of either moisture or potentially interfering gases, which might otherwise cause erroneous results.

Simple Operation
Only three easy steps are needed to operate the detector: first, break off the tips of a fresh detector tube; second, insert the tube, with arrow pointing toward the pump, into the pump’s inlet; third, pull out the pump handle to automatically lock, and the pump begins to draw a 100cc sample through the detector tube. A proprietary Sample Vue indicator shows when sampling is completed. More detailed information is on an instruction card enclosed with each pump and box of detector tubes. The precision sampling pump is certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI).
Break tips in pump's tip cutter
Insert tube into pump's sample inlet
Pull out the pump handle to draw a 100cc sample

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