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Powder-Coated Aluminum 36" 29" 44" 230 V 6963320 3647-05-220$5,63118-22 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 36" 29" 44" 115 V 6963300 3647-05$5,53018-22 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 36" 29" 53" 230 V 6963321 3647-06-220$6,86218-22 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 36" 29" 53" 115 V 6963301 3647-06$6,7685-7 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 72" 29" 53" 230 V 6963621 3647-07-220$11,44518-22 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 72" 29" 53" 115 V 6963601 3647-07$11,34318-22 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 72" 35.5" 56" 230 V 6963623 3647-08-220$12,41918-22 Days
Powder-Coated Aluminum 72" 35.5" 56" 115 V 6963603 3647-08$12,31318-22 Days
Frame Material
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• Filters are stackable: two identical filters can be stacked for better purification or two filter types can be combined for mixed chemical applications

• Six types of carbon filter are available for neutralizing mineral acids, sulfur compounds, ammonia, amines, formaldehyde or iodine radioisotopes

• Optional HEPA filters control airborne particles from powders and similar materials

• Aerodynamic foils around the sash opening help to smooth out the air inflow for better containment and safer operation

• Rear baffle features perforated “zones” that create three horizontal, laminar air streams to reduce turbulence

• Ductless exhaust offers greater flexibility regarding placement within the lab

• No “make-up air” requirements typically associated with external exhaust systems

• ECM blower motor provides quiet, energy-efficient performance

• Built-in filter-life timer reminds personnel to check/change the filters

• Safety-First™ Organic Vapor Sensor detects contaminants that emerge downstream of the filters

• Smart-Flow™ Airflow Monitor displays face velocity on the LCD screen and automatically adjusts to changing environmental conditions to maintain safe airflow

Fume Hoods

  • Paramount Ductless Enclosure with Model Ductless Enclosure
Paramount Ductless Enclosure with Model

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Smart-Flow™ Airflow Monitor

The LCD display shows the equipped filter types, the status of the filters, and airflow face velocity. On/off buttons are provided to toggle the blower and light fixture. All settings are programmable and can be electronically locked for security.

Ductless Exhaust Airflow Diagram

The blower pulls air into the Paramount ductless enclosure through the sash opening, along which curved airfoils eliminate “rolling” and ensure uniform airflow to the rear baffle. Air travels up and passes through the filters before returning to the surroundings.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Labconco Solid Work Surface
    Solid black epoxy work surfaces are chemical resistant and feature a "dished" surface to contain spills. 304-grade stainless steel work surfaces with 1"-deep front spill trough are also available.
  • Labconco Telescoping Base Stand
    Ergonomically designed and energy efficient, these biosafety cabinets provide safety and comfort to users working with hazardous particulates that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment.
  • Hydraulic Lift Base Stand
    Unlike telescoping base stands that are locked in position, a hydraulic base stand can be adjusted as needed to best suit the heights of different operators.
  • Labconco Solo Hydraulic Lift Base Stand
    The SoLo Hydraulic Lift Stand is designed to make Labconco's ductless hoods portable, allowing the hood to be easily transferred throughout the facility. The remote-controlled lift allows the hood to be lowered when moving through standard-height doorways.
  • Labconco Stackable Filters for Chemical Vapors
    Labconco offers seven filter types for use with the Paramount Ductless Enclosure: Organic Vapor, Acid-Sulfur, Ammonia-Amine, Formaldehyde, Mixed Bed Carbon, Radioisotope, and HEPA filtration.

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