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Benchtop 36" 29" 23" Tempered Glass 8" 12 V 3930300 $2,50920-26 Days
Benchtop 60" 29" 23" Tempered Glass 8" 12 V 3971500 $4,68720-26 Days
Benchtop 72" 29" 23" Tempered Glass 8" 12 V 3971600 $5,90420-26 Days
Benchtop 48" 29" 23" Tempered Glass 8" 12 V 3930400 $3,58920-26 Days
Benchtop 96" 29" 23" Tempered Glass 8" 12 V 3971800 $8,04920-26 Days
Benchtop 24" 29" 23" Tempered Glass 8" 12 V 3930200 $1,84920-26 Days
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• Designed for weighing operations, XPert Balance Enclosures protect users during weighing operations by providing maximum containment of potent and/or toxic airborne particulates

• These balance enclosures can accommodate micro or large analytical balances for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and compounding laboratories

• The enclosure must be ducted to an existing exhaust system or connected to a FilterMate Portable Exhauster for safe removal of contaminated air

• Patented aerodynamic air foils around the sash opening reduce turbulence and ensure proper containment

• Perforated baffle plate along the rear wall helps establish horizontal laminar airflow

• Rear plenum can be ducted upward or downward depending on rear clearance

• Ergonomically angled sash provides a clear view of the hood interior

• Deep interior of 23.4"" accommodates large analytical balances

• Two utility ports with iris membranes provide passage for cables and tubing as needed

• Conformance: ANSI Z9.5, Modified ASHRAE 110, SEFA 1

Special Purpose Hoods

  • Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 8 ft Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 8 ft
  • Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 4 ft Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 4 ft
Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 8 ft
Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 4 ft

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Containment Airflow

Negative-pressure airflow prevents contaminated air from escaping the enclosure, providing effective containment of hazardous powders and other particulates.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Labconco Solid Work Surface
    Solid black epoxy work surfaces are chemical resistant and feature a "dished" surface to contain spills. 304-grade stainless steel work surfaces with 1"-deep front spill trough are also available.
  • Hydraulic Lift Base Stand
    Unlike telescoping base stands that are locked in position, a hydraulic base stand can be adjusted as needed to best suit the heights of different operators.
  • Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor
    The Guardian 1000 Airflow Monitor continuously monitors airflow, providing velocity readings and notifying personnel when airflow drops below the user-defined set-point.
  • Labconco FilterMate Portable Exhauster
    Labconco's portable exhaust system filters hazardous vapors and powders as they are exhausted from an enclosure, allowing safe relesae into the surrounding environment.
  • Labconco Corrosive Resistant Remote Blower
    Labconco supplies coated steel blowers designed specifically for connection to Class I containment enclosures, including XPert, RXPert, Protector XVS, and Purifier HEPA Filtered Safety Enclosures. Explosion-proof versions also available

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