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Side Panels

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115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971200Tempered Glass 9082-11 65201 $6,94619-23 Days2
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971201Tempered Glass 9082-12 65202 $7,86019-23 Days3
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971202Tempered Glass 9082-13 65203 $7,48619-23 Days4
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971300Tempered Glass 9082-14 65204 $7,4975-7 Days5
In stock
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971301Tempered Glass 9082-15 65205 $8,78519-23 Days6
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971302Tempered Glass 9082-16 65206 $8,27319-23 Days7
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971400Tempered Glass 9082-17 65207 $8,1725-7 Days8
In stock
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971401Tempered Glass 9082-18 65208 $9,80519-23 Days9
115Powder-Coated AluminumRXPert3971402Tempered Glass 9082-19 65209 $9,13519-23 Days10
Frame Material
Manufacturer SKU
Side Panels
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Product Details
  • USP 800-compliant, Class I containment enclosure for non-sterile compounding of hazardous drugs
  • Horizontal inward airflow protects operators from airborne particulates generated by hazardous drugs
  • Contaminated air passes through a HEPA filter before being exhausted to the outside
  • Single HEPA filter design uses a true bag-in/bag-out system for replacement
  • Clean-Sweep airfoils around the opening help direct airflow across the work area without disrupting containment
  • Built-in Guardian Airflow Monitor uses LED lights and an audible alarm to notify personnel of inadequate airflow
  • Pressure gauge monitors the build-up of contaminants on the HEPA filter and indicates when a replacement is needed

Fume Hoods by Labconco

  • Labconco RXPert Single Filtered Balance Systems Labconco RXPert Single Filtered Balance Systems
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

RXPert Balance System Specs

Labconco RXPert Single Filtered Balance Systems

Nominal Width (A)2 ft.3 ft.4 ft.
Weight205 lbs. (93 kg)258 lbs. (117 kg)311 lbs. (141 kg)
(W x D x H)
24.0" x 29.0" x 41.2"
(609.6 x 736.6 x 1046.5 mm)
36.0" x 29.0" x 41.2"
(914.4 x 736.6 x 1046.5 mm)
48.0" x 29.0" x 41.2"
(1219.2 x 736.6 x 1046.5 mm)
Electrical115V, 60Hz115V, 60Hz115V, 60Hz
Exhaust Volume (CFM)85 CFM at 60 FPM130 CFM at 60 FPM175 CFM at 60 FPM
115 CFM at 80 FPM175 CFM at 80 FPM235 CFM at 80 FPM
Filter SystemHEPA (bag-in/bag-out)HEPA (bag-in/bag-out)HEPA (bag-in/bag-out)
Sash Opening (B)21.6" (549 mm)33.6" (853 mm)45.6" (1158 mm)
ConformanceANSI Z9.5, CAN/CSA C22.2,
Modified ASHRAE 110,
SEFA 1, UL 61010
ANSI Z9.5, CAN/CSA C22.2,
Modified ASHRAE 110,
SEFA 1, UL 61010
ANSI Z9.5, CAN/CSA C22.2, Modified ASHRAE 110, SEFA 1, UL 61010
Warranty2 years from date of shipment or
1 year from date of installation
2 years from date of shipment or
1 year from date of installation
2 years from date of shipment or
1 year from date of installation
Noise Levels and Exhaust at Varying Face Velocities
Nominal Width100 FPM Face Velocity80 FPM Face Velocity60 FPM Face Velocity
Exhaust (CFM)db(A)Exhaust (CFM)db(A)Exhaust (CFM)db(A)
2 ft.14553-5811550-558548-53
3 ft.22058-6117553-5813048-53
4 ft.29062-6623558-6117549-54

Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA Filter Replacement

The bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter replacement system allows trained personnel to safely remove the dirty filters without risking exposure to harmful contaminants.

Containment Airflow

Negative-pressure airflow prevents contaminated air from escaping the enclosure, providing effective containment of hazardous powders and other particulates.

XPert Nano Enclosure Airflow

Labconco's Airflow Ionizer releases positive and negative ions into the hood that will neutralize static charges on the interior surfaces. Uncontrolled static allows powders and particles to cling to surfaces, creating a contamination hazard.

Catalog of CE-Marked Products

Terra offers over 1,700 CE-marked products configured for international voltage requirements
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Labconco Corrosive Resistant Remote Blower

    Labconco supplies coated steel blowers designed specifically for connection to Class I containment enclosures, including XPert, RXPert, Protector XVS, and Purifier HEPA Filtered Safety Enclosures. Explosion-proof versions also available
  • Telescoping Base Stand with Fixed Feet

    Tubular, epoxy-coated steel frame base stands are adjustable to eight height positions in 1” increments from 27.5" to 34.5”; used with Labconco BSCs, hoods and enclosures
  • Labconco Balance Vibration Isolator

    Labconco's balance vibration isolators minimize vibration when working with sensitive balances. Each isolator consists of a thick marble slab that rests on four isolator pads and a stainless steel cover that protects the surface.
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