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2 Channels 0.5 - 5 µm 50% @ 0.5 µm, 100% > 0.75 µm 2089310-03 1506-02A$1,74910-14 Days
3 Channels 0.5 - 5 µm 50% @ 0.5 µm, 100% > 0.75 µm 2089310-08 1505-49$2,49010-14 Days
3 Channels 0.3 - 10 µm 50% @ 0.3 µm, 100% > 0.45 µm 2089310-02 1506-03A$2,49010-14 Days
6 Channels 0.3 - 10 µm 50% @ 0.3 µm, 100% > 0.45 µm 2089311-01 1505-50$3,62210-14 Days
Detection Channels
Detection Range
Counting Efficiency
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• Allows singlehanded operation

• Effortless monitoring in tight spaces

• Ideal for HEPA filter leak testing

• Design allows single-handed operation and troubleshooting in hard-to-reach places

• Ultra-lightweight 1.5 lb. (0.7 kg) ergonomic design

• Measure particle sizes as small as 0.3 or 0.5 microns

• Quickly check or validate ISO 5 (Class 100) or higher

• Easy-to-read high-resolution screen

• User-configurable display, and icon-driven user interface

• Connects to PC via a USB cable (included) or memory stick

• Can view data as a function of time in graphical trend mode

• Optional password control for additional security

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Charge and Communications Cradle for HHPC
  • Cable; 6', USB-A to MINI-B-5P, w/Ferrite

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