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FM4910 Polypropylene Single Side Access 1530-50A-FM$6,770.....
FM4910 Polypropylene Dual Side Access 1530-51B-FM$5,990.....
Polypropylene Single Side Access 1530-50A$3,3111-3 Days
Polypropylene Dual Side Access 1530-51B$2,945.....
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Designed in the USA

• Reliable operation with a fully enclosed design that enhances safety both inside and outside the shower area

• By shielding the shower on three sides, the polypropylene enclosure minimizes the chance of the water spraying and harmful chemical splashes, affecting parts or personnel outside the shower

• Vinyl strip curtain on the front is easily parted for quick entry into the enclosure.

• This design eliminates the tricky task of fumbling with a door latch in an emergency.

• Standard overhead nozzle height is 78" (1981 mm) off the shower floor; the eye rinse are positioned 42" (1067 mm) off the floor

• Shower comes complete with PVC plumbing that connects to your in-house water supply by means of a 1.25" (32 mm) ID pipe fitting

• The sloping bottom feeds into a 2.5" (64 mm) drain line

• Provides full-body shower and eye wash while protecting lab against water and chemical splashes

• Polypropylene enclosure resists most lab acids and corrosives

• Welded 0.5" (13 mm) polypropylene enclosure (for chemical-resistance) with 40 mil transparent vinyl strip curtain on front, 8"-wide strips with 2" overlap

• 10"-diameter ABS plastic overhead nozzle, 5.75"-diameter flow pattern, with 304 stainless steel pull handle

• Zinc-plated eye rinsers, 8" center-to-center in 12"-diameter bowl, mounted 42" off floor, with zinc-plated push handle

• Easy-parting transparent vinyl curtain allows fast, convenient access while shielding the external environment

• Immediate-response operation handles are easy to activate

• Pass-Through design allows access from either side; perfect for hallways or walls connecting labs

• FM 4910 polypropylene available (call for quote)

• Requires 1.25" ID (male) water feed line connection and 2.5" ID (male) drain line

Lab Safety Products

  • Enclosed Safety Shower - Dual Access Diagram

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