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Number of Blowers

Approx. Occupancy

Terra Part #PriceShips in
Powder-Coated Steel64"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-24B 76363 $25,31125-31 Days2
Powder-Coated Steel64"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-25B 76364 $26,81325-31 Days3
Powder-Coated Steel58"44"120"1 Blower1 6010-19B 76353 $21,15025-31 Days4
Powder-Coated Steel52"44"120"1 Blower1 6010-14B 76319 $19,80825-31 Days5
Stainless Steel52"44"120"1 Blower1 6010-00B 76320 $25,96625-31 Days6
Stainless Steel52"56"120"1 Blower1 6010-01B 76322 $27,72925-31 Days7
Stainless Steel52"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-02B 76324 $30,88225-31 Days8
Stainless Steel52"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-03B 76326 $32,16525-31 Days9
Stainless Steel52"84"120"1 Blower2 6010-04B 76328 $34,22725-31 Days10
Stainless Steel58"44"120"1 Blower1 6010-05B 76330 $27,72925-31 Days11
Stainless Steel58"56"120"1 Blower1 6010-06B 76332 $28,93225-31 Days12
Stainless Steel58"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-07B 76334 $32,16525-31 Days13
Stainless Steel58"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-08B 76336 $33,13325-31 Days14
Stainless Steel58"84"120"1 Blower2 6010-09B 76338 $35,05925-31 Days15
Stainless Steel64"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-10B 76340 $33,12325-31 Days16
Stainless Steel64"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-11B 76341 $35,10025-31 Days17
Stainless Steel70"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-12B 76342 $37,97425-31 Days18
Stainless Steel90"96"120"2 Blowers3 - 6 6010-13B 76343 $69,21325-31 Days19
Powder-Coated Steel52"56"120"1 Blower1 6010-15B 76345 $21,15125-31 Days20
Powder-Coated Steel52"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-16B 76347 $23,60925-31 Days21
Powder-Coated Steel52"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-17B 76349 $24,58325-31 Days22
Powder-Coated Steel52"84"120"1 Blower2 6010-18B 76351 $26,14525-31 Days23
Powder-Coated Steel58"56"120"1 Blower1 6010-20B 76355 $22,12425-31 Days24
Powder-Coated Steel58"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-21B 76357 $24,58325-31 Days25
Powder-Coated Steel58"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-22B 76359 $25,31925-31 Days26
Powder-Coated Steel58"84"120"1 Blower2 6010-23B 76361 $26,78125-31 Days27
Powder-Coated Steel70"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-26B 76365 $28,99925-31 Days28
Powder-Coated Steel90"96"120"2 Blowers3 - 6 6010-27B 76366 $52,81925-31 Days29
Stainless Steel52"96"120"2 Blowers3 6010-42B 76367 $47,56625-31 Days30
Stainless Steel52"120"120"2 Blowers3 6010-43B 76368 $56,88725-31 Days31
Stainless Steel52"144"120"3 Blowers4 6010-44B 76369 $59,45625-31 Days32
Stainless Steel52"180"120"3 Blowers5 6010-45B 76370 $80,36525-31 Days33
Stainless Steel52"240"120"4 Blowers7 6010-46B 76371 $104,33325-31 Days34
Stainless Steel58"96"120"2 Blowers3 6010-47B 76372 $51,40425-31 Days35
Stainless Steel58"120"120"2 Blowers3 6010-48B 76373 $59,45625-31 Days36
Stainless Steel58"144"120"2 Blowers4 6010-49B 76374 $61,41725-31 Days37
Stainless Steel58"180"120"3 Blowers5 6010-50B 76375 $84,54425-31 Days38
Stainless Steel58"240"120"4 Blowers7 6010-51B 76376 $109,28725-31 Days39
Powder-Coated Steel52"96"120"2 Blowers3 6010-52B 76377 $36,16425-31 Days40
Powder-Coated Steel52"120"120"2 Blowers3 6010-53B 76378 $43,25425-31 Days41
Powder-Coated Steel52"144"120"3 Blowers4 6010-54B 76379 $45,20925-31 Days42
Powder-Coated Steel52"180"120"3 Blowers5 6010-55B 76380 $61,09925-31 Days43
Powder-Coated Steel52"240"120"4 Blowers7 6010-56B 76381 $79,11825-31 Days44
Powder-Coated Steel58"96"120"2 Blowers3 6010-57B 76382 $39,08225-31 Days45
Powder-Coated Steel58"120"120"2 Blowers3 6010-58B 76383 $45,20925-31 Days46
Powder-Coated Steel58"144"120"2 Blowers4 6010-59B 76384 $46,70025-31 Days47
Powder-Coated Steel58"180"120"3 Blowers5 6010-60B 76385 $64,27825-31 Days48
Powder-Coated Steel58"240"120"4 Blowers7 6010-61B 76386 $83,09425-31 Days49
Stainless Steel52"44"120"1 Blower1 6010-00C 77172 $25,96625-31 Days50
Stainless Steel52"56"120"1 Blower1 6010-01C 77174 $27,72925-31 Days51
Stainless Steel52"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-02C 77176 $30,88225-31 Days52
Stainless Steel52"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-03C 77178 $32,16525-31 Days53
Stainless Steel52"84"120"1 Blower2 6010-04C 77180 $34,22725-31 Days54
Stainless Steel58"44"120"1 Blower1 6010-05C 77182 $27,72925-31 Days55
Stainless Steel58"56"120"1 Blower1 6010-06C 77184 $28,93225-31 Days56
Stainless Steel58"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-07C 77186 $32,16525-31 Days57
Stainless Steel58"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-08C 77188 $33,13325-31 Days58
Stainless Steel58"84"120"1 Blower2 6010-09C 77191 $35,05925-31 Days59
Stainless Steel64"60"120"1 Blower1 6010-10C 77193 $33,12325-31 Days60
Stainless Steel64"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-11C 77194 $35,10025-31 Days61
Stainless Steel70"72"120"1 Blower2 6010-12C 77195 $37,97425-31 Days62
Stainless Steel90"96"120"2 Blowers3 - 6 6010-13C 77196 $69,21325-31 Days63
Stainless Steel52"96"120"2 Blowers3 6010-42C 77197 $47,56625-31 Days64
Stainless Steel52"120"120"2 Blowers3 6010-43C 77198 $56,88725-31 Days65
Stainless Steel52"144"120"3 Blowers4 6010-44C 77199 $59,45625-31 Days66
Stainless Steel52"180"120"3 Blowers5 6010-45C 77200 $80,36525-31 Days67
Stainless Steel52"240"120"4 Blowers7 6010-46C 77201 $104,33325-31 Days68
Stainless Steel58"96"120"2 Blowers3 6010-47C 77202 $51,40425-31 Days69
Stainless Steel58"120"120"2 Blowers3 6010-48C 77203 $59,45625-31 Days70
Stainless Steel58"144"120"2 Blowers4 6010-49C 77204 $61,41725-31 Days71
Stainless Steel58"180"120"3 Blowers5 6010-50C 77205 $84,54425-31 Days72
Stainless Steel58"240"120"4 Blowers7 6010-51C 77206 $109,28725-31 Days73
Number of Blowers
Approx. Occupancy
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Custom-configured product: Terra will quote.
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Product Details

• 240V standard - specify 208V, 460V or 480V when ordering

• Removes surface-deposited particles from personnel prior to entering the cleanroom

• Self-contained, turnkey chambers are preassembled at the factory and shipped in two sections (top and bottom) for fast installation

• HEPA-filtered air (rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns) washes over personnel to dislodge loose particles that accumulate on garments

• Electromagnetic interlock system prevents the doors from opening before the air shower cycle is completed, protecting the cleanroom from cross-contamination

• Door locks automatically release in the event of a power outage or if one of the Emergency Exit buttons are depressed

• Shower time and door interlock duration can be programmed using the touchscreen control panel

• Air nozzles can be adjusted to redirect streams of air

• Energy-efficient LED lighting includes motion-activation

Air Showers and Tunnels

Standard Features

  • A Pressure Gauge
    Photohelic Pressure Gauge and touch-screen Control Panel
  • B Emergency Stop Buttons
    Emergency Stop Buttons (2)
  • C Air Nozzles
    Hand-adjustable Air Nozzles
  • D LED Lights
    LED Lights
  • E Status Indicator
    Status Indicator
  • F Electrical Access Panel
    Electrical Access Panel
  • G Fan/Filter Housing
    Fan/Filter Housing
  • H Swing Doors
    Swing Doors (2)
  • I 16-gauge Powder-coated Steel
    Material: 16-gauge Powder-coated Steel

Not Shown: Ionizing Bar

Air Showers & Tunnels

  • Air Showers

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Custom Configurations

Custom Air Shower Systems Available

Terra Universal offers custom fabrication to provide the optimal solution for your application.

Examples of requested modifications include:

  • Custom floor plans, including 90º turns and U-shaped chambers (see examples below)
  • 3-door configurations for connecting multiple rooms
  • Custom flooring: stainless steel floor, no-floor, or raised aluminum floor grates
  • Safety glass substituted for the SD-PVC panels on the doors
  • Explosion-proof designs for safe operation near explosive or flammable materials
  • Static ionization within the air shower enclosure
  • Bumpers mounted on the interior walls to protect nozzles from carts

Air Shower Floor Plan Style Diagram

Motion Sensor

Air shower cycles are initiated by a motion sensor located on the ceiling of the chamber. If the LED lighting is set to Smart Lighting mode, the motion sensor will also turn on the lights when personnel enter the air shower.

Recirculation Vents

The closed-loop, recirculating design uses floor-level vents and plenums built into the walls to pull the contaminated air back through the HEPA filter, which removes 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

LED Lighting

Low-profile LED lighting offers excellent visibility and power savings. Lights can either be manually controlled or set to automatic on/off via the touchscreen control panel.

Electromagnetic Interlock Door

Electromagnetic interlocking doors prevent personnel from accidentally opening both air shower doors at the same time, thereby preventing cross-contamination of the cleanroom and the external environment.

Emergency Exit Button

The emergency bypass button immediately shut down the air shower and release the doors when depressed; the doors also release when a power outage occurs to ensure operator safety.

Adjustable Air Shower Nozzles

Adjustable air nozzles on the walls and ceilings provide multi-directional flow of high-velocity, HEPA-filtered air to dislodge and remove particles from surfaces of personnel and parts before they enter the cleanroom.

Touchscreen Control Panel

The touchscreen panel controls cycle durations and entrance/exit delay times. Users can adjust these settings, as well as choose the operating mode for the LED lighting: always on; always off; or motion-detecting mode with shutoff-delay.

Durable Powder Coating Finish

Terra’s durable powder coating formulation exceeds the ASTM and ISO paint standards for hardness, thickness, humidity resistance, gloss and impact testing.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • High-Velocity Cleanroom Air Curtain
    Cleanroom air curtains provide a blade-shaped shower of ULPA-filtered air to dislodge particles from personnel entering a cleanroom

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