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Terra Part #PriceShips in
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel52441161 Blower 6010-14-KD 71273 Request Quote25-31 Days2
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel52561161 Blower 6010-15-KD 71274 Request Quote25-31 Days3
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel52601201 Blower 6010-16-KD 71275 Request Quote25-31 Days4
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel52721201 Blower 6010-17-KD 71276 Request Quote25-31 Days5
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel52841201 Blower 6010-18-KD 71277 Request Quote25-31 Days6
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel52961201 Blower 6010-52-KD 71297 Request Quote25-31 Days7
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel521201201 Blower 6010-53-KD 71298 Request Quote25-31 Days8
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel521441203 Blowers 6010-54-KD 71299 Request Quote25-31 Days9
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel521801203 Blowers 6010-55-KD 71300 Request Quote25-31 Days10
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel522401203 Blowers 6010-56-KD 71301 Request Quote25-31 Days11
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel58441201 Blower 6010-19-KD 71278 Request Quote25-31 Days12
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel58561201 Blower 6010-20-KD 71279 Request Quote25-31 Days13
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel58601201 Blower 6010-21-KD 71280 Request Quote25-31 Days14
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel58721201 Blower 6010-22-KD 71281 Request Quote25-31 Days15
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel58841201 Blower 6010-23-KD 71282 Request Quote25-31 Days16
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel58961201 Blower 6010-57-KD 71302 Request Quote25-31 Days17
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel581201201 Blower 6010-58-KD 71303 Request Quote25-31 Days18
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel581441203 Blowers 6010-59-KD 71304 Request Quote25-31 Days19
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel581801203 Blowers 6010-60-KD 71305 Request Quote25-31 Days20
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel582401203 Blowers 6010-61-KD 71306 Request Quote25-31 Days21
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel64601201 Blower 6010-24-KD 71283 Request Quote25-31 Days22
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel64721201 Blower 6010-25-KD 71284 Request Quote25-31 Days23
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel70721201 Blower 6010-26-KD 71285 Request Quote25-31 Days24
SpecifyKnock-DownPowder-Coated Steel90961201 Blower 6010-27-KD 71286 Request Quote25-31 Days25
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel52441161 Blower 6010-00-KD 71257 Request Quote25-31 Days26
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel52561161 Blower 6010-01-KD 71259 Request Quote25-31 Days27
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel52601201 Blower 6010-02-KD 71261 Request Quote25-31 Days28
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel52721201 Blower 6010-03-KD 71262 Request Quote25-31 Days29
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel52841201 Blower 6010-04-KD 71263 Request Quote25-31 Days30
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel52961201 Blower 6010-42-KD 71287 Request Quote25-31 Days31
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel521201201 Blower 6010-43-KD 71288 Request Quote25-31 Days32
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel521441203 Blowers 6010-44-KD 71289 Request Quote25-31 Days33
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel521801203 Blowers 6010-45-KD 71290 Request Quote25-31 Days34
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel522401203 Blowers 6010-46-KD 71291 Request Quote25-31 Days35
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel58441201 Blower 6010-05-KD 71264 Request Quote25-31 Days36
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel58561201 Blower 6010-06-KD 71265 Request Quote25-31 Days37
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel58601201 Blower 6010-07-KD 71266 Request Quote25-31 Days38
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel58721201 Blower 6010-08-KD 71267 Request Quote25-31 Days39
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel58841201 Blower 6010-09-KD 71268 Request Quote25-31 Days40
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel58961201 Blower 6010-47-KD 71292 Request Quote25-31 Days41
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel581201201 Blower 6010-48-KD 71293 Request Quote25-31 Days42
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel581441203 Blowers 6010-49-KD 71294 Request Quote25-31 Days43
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel581801203 Blowers 6010-50-KD 71295 Request Quote25-31 Days44
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel582401203 Blowers 6010-51-KD 71296 Request Quote25-31 Days45
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel64601201 Blower 6010-10-KD 71269 Request Quote25-31 Days46
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel64721201 Blower 6010-11-KD 71270 Request Quote25-31 Days47
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel70721201 Blower 6010-12-KD 71271 Request Quote25-31 Days48
SpecifyKnock-DownStainless Steel90961201 Blower 6010-13-KD 71272 Request Quote25-31 Days49
Number of Blowers
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
  • Designed for installation in facilities with limited access like small doorways or narrow hallways
  • Air shower enclosures are custom designed to be broken down into more manageable components
  • Each unit is preassembled at the factory and tested before shipping
  • HEPA-filtered air (rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns) washes over personnel to dislodge loose particles that accumulate on garments
  • Electromagnetic interlock system prevents the doors from opening before the air shower cycle is completed, protecting the cleanroom from cross-contamination
  • Door locks automatically release in the event of a power outage or if one of the Emergency Exit buttons are depressed
  • Shower time and door interlock duration can be programmed using the touchscreen control panel
  • Air nozzles can be adjusted to redirect streams of air
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting includes motion-activation

Air Showers & Tunnels

  • Air Showers
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Custom Configurations

Custom Air Shower Systems Available

Terra Universal offers custom fabrication to provide the optimal solution for your application.

Examples of requested modifications include:

  • Custom floor plans, including 90º turns and U-shaped chambers (see examples below)
  • 3-door configurations for connecting multiple rooms
  • Custom flooring: stainless steel floor, no-floor, or raised aluminum floor grates
  • Safety glass substituted for the SD-PVC panels on the doors
  • Explosion-proof designs for safe operation near explosive or flammable materials
  • Static ionization within the air shower enclosure
  • Bumpers mounted on the interior walls to protect nozzles from carts

Air Shower Floor Plan Style Diagram

Motion Sensor

Air shower cycles are initiated by a motion sensor located on the ceiling of the chamber. If the LED lighting is set to Smart Lighting mode, the motion sensor will also turn on the lights when personnel enter the air shower.

Recirculation Vents

The closed-loop, recirculating design uses floor-level vents and plenums built into the walls to pull the contaminated air back through the HEPA filter, which removes 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

LED Lighting

Low-profile LED lighting offers excellent visibility and power savings. Lights can either be manually controlled or set to automatic on/off via the touchscreen control panel.

Electromagnetic Interlock Door

Electromagnetic interlocking doors prevent personnel from accidentally opening both air shower doors at the same time, thereby preventing cross-contamination of the cleanroom and the external environment.

Emergency Exit Button

The emergency bypass button immediately shut down the air shower and release the doors when depressed; the doors also release when a power outage occurs to ensure operator safety.

Adjustable Air Shower Nozzles

Adjustable air nozzles on the walls and ceilings provide multi-directional flow of high-velocity, HEPA-filtered air to dislodge and remove particles from surfaces of personnel and parts before they enter the cleanroom.

Photohelic Gauge

The Photohelic gauge measures the backpressure generated on the dirty-side of the HEPA filter, providing an indication of filter saturation. With proper setup, the control panel will display an alert when the HEPA filter needs to be replaced.

Touchscreen Control Panel

The touchscreen panel controls cycle durations and entrance/exit delay times. Users can adjust these settings, as well as choose the operating mode for the LED lighting: always on; always off; or motion-detecting mode with shutoff-delay.

Network of International Reps

Terra employs an international network of more than 20 local sales reps trained to provide comprehensive service on Terra's complete catalog of products
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • High-Velocity Cleanroom Air Curtain

    Cleanroom air curtains provide a blade-shaped shower of ULPA-filtered air to dislodge particles from personnel entering a cleanroom
  • Versatile Mounting Locations

    Cleanroom air curtains are useful over any of type and size of opening to control temperature and/or contamination
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