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Powder-Coated Steel96"55.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183837000 1535-33 $35,44540-44 Days2
Powder-Coated Steel96"55.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183837002 1535-34 $36,27840-44 Days3
Powder-Coated Steel96"43.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183827000 1535-31 $35,22240-44 Days4
Powder-Coated Steel96"43.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183827002 1535-32 $36,04740-44 Days5
Powder-Coated Steel96"37.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183817000 1535-29 $34,99040-44 Days6
Powder-Coated Steel96"37.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183817002 1535-30 $35,81940-44 Days7
Powder-Coated Steel60"55.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183537000 1535-21 $29,92440-44 Days8
Powder-Coated Steel48"37.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183417000 1535-10 $27,61740-44 Days9
Powder-Coated Steel48"37.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183417002 1535-11 $28,45040-44 Days10
Powder-Coated Steel48"43.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183427000 1535-12 $27,84840-44 Days11
Powder-Coated Steel48"43.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183427002 1535-14 $28,68140-44 Days12
Powder-Coated Steel48"55.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183437000 1535-15 $28,08440-44 Days13
Powder-Coated Steel48"55.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183437002 1535-16 $28,91340-44 Days14
Powder-Coated Steel60"37.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183517000 1535-17 $29,46540-44 Days15
Powder-Coated Steel60"37.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183517002 1535-18 $30,29040-44 Days16
Powder-Coated Steel60"43.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183527000 1535-19 $29,69340-44 Days17
Powder-Coated Steel60"43.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183527002 1535-20 $30,52240-44 Days18
Powder-Coated Steel60"55.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183537002 1535-22 $30,74940-44 Days19
Powder-Coated Steel72"37.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183617000 1535-23 $31,30640-44 Days20
Powder-Coated Steel72"37.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183617002 1535-24 $32,13440-44 Days21
Powder-Coated Steel72"43.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183627000 1535-25 $31,53340-44 Days22
Powder-Coated Steel72"43.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183627002 1535-26 $32,36240-44 Days23
Powder-Coated Steel72"55.7"102.2"OptionalOptional115 V183637000 1535-27 $31,76540-44 Days24
Powder-Coated Steel72"55.7"102.2"InstalledInstalled115 V183637002 1535-28 $32,59340-44 Days25
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• Erlab's GreenFumeHood® (GFH) Filtration Technology features built-in safety functions that automatically monitor and prevent unsafe conditions from developing

• Erlab's Neutrodine Filters simultaneously handle solvents, acids, bases, ammonia and formaldehyde

• Each filter is accompanied by its own blower module to ensure sufficient airflow

• Eco-Foil™ Air Foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep™ airflow openings for smooth air inflow along the sash opening

• Floor-mounted models accommodate lab carts and other tall or bulky equipment

• Radio frequency identification (RFID) cards prevent unauthorized personnel from operating the hood

• Vertical-rising sash uses a counterweighted pulley system for smooth opening/closing

• Sash-stop installed at 16"" recommended sash opening height; Sash opens to 28"" high for loading

• Chemical-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced composite interior liner

• Removable front and side panels, as well as access panels for service fixtures (except side window models)

• Factory-prepared for up to four electrical duplex receptacles and eight service fixtures

• Factory-installed control panel with digital display, fan button and light button

• Sound pressure of <60 dBA with sash at operating height and <48 dB(A) with sash closed

• Pre-wired vapor-proof fluorescent lighting

• Meets and exceeds the SEFA 9-2010 DH III definition for a filtered fume hood

Fume Hoods

  • Protector Echo Floor-Mounted Filtered Fume Hoods with model Protector Echo Floor-Mounted Filtered Fume Hoods
  • Protector Echo Floor-Mounted Fume Hood Protector Echo Floor-Mounted Fume Hood
  • Video overview webinar by Labconco sales associate pitching the Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hood Overview of Labconco's Protector Echo Fume Hood
Protector Echo Floor-Mounted Filtered Fume Hoods with model
Protector Echo Floor-Mounted Fume Hood
Video overview webinar by Labconco sales associate pitching the Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hood

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Labconco Protector Echo – Access Card Reader

Labconco’s Protector Echo Series features enhanced safety protocols, including an RFID card system for controlling access to the hood.

Labconco Protector Echo – Filter Cartridges

Labconco’s Protector Echo Series uses modular Neutrodine filters that can handle solvents, acids, bases, ammonia and formaldehyde.

Primary and Secondary Filtration

Inside the Protector Echo is a series of filtration columns made up of alternating Neutrodine filters (black) and blower modules (white). The second layer of Neutrodine filters protects against potential breakthrough, meeting SEFA 9 DH III criteria.

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