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115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.748CombinationInstalledNoInstalledProtector ClassMate160505102Tempered Glass 3645-14A 73343 Request Quote25-29 Days2
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3VerticalInstalledNoInstalledProtector ClassMate160404102Tempered Glass 3645-06A 73335 Request Quote25-29 Days3
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3VerticalInstalledNoInstalledProtector ClassMate160604102Tempered Glass 3645-10A 73339 Request Quote25-29 Days4
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3VerticalOptionalNoOptionalProtector ClassMate160504100Tempered Glass 3645-07A 73336 Request Quote25-29 Days5
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3VerticalOptionalNoOptionalProtector ClassMate160604100Tempered Glass 3645-09A 73338 Request Quote25-29 Days6
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3CombinationInstalledNoInstalledProtector ClassMate160405102Tempered Glass 3645-12A 73341 Request Quote25-29 Days7
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3CombinationInstalledNoInstalledProtector ClassMate160605102Tempered Glass 3645-16A 73346 Request Quote25-29 Days8
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3CombinationOptionalNoOptionalProtector ClassMate160405100Tempered Glass 3645-11A 73340 Request Quote25-29 Days9
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3CombinationOptionalNoOptionalProtector ClassMate160505100Tempered Glass 3645-13A 73342 Request Quote25-29 Days10
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3CombinationOptionalNoOptionalProtector ClassMate160605100Tempered Glass 3645-15A 73344 Request Quote25-29 Days11
DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3VerticalOptionalNoOptionalProtector ClassMate160404100Tempered Glass 3645-05A 73334 $8,16125-29 Days12
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel32.760.3VerticalInstalledInstalledProtector ClassMate160504102Tempered Glass 3645-08A 73337 Request Quote25-29 Days13
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Product Details
  • Protector ClassMate benchtop fume hoods by Labconco feature a 5° angled, 1/4" thick tempered safety glass stationary viewing panel ideal for instructional use
  • 4', 5' and 6' widths models available in vertical-rising or combination sash
  • Ergonomic air foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings
  • Features: By-pass airflow design, ADA-compliant spill trough, removable front panel, side panels and interior cover plates for access to plumbing and electrical wiring
  • Required accessories: SpillStopper work surfaces,  remote blowers, ductwork and base cabinets
  • Material: ¼” tempered safety glass sides, back and baffle; glacier white epoxy-coated steel and aluminum frame; 8.63" ID epoxy-coated steel exhaust connection
  • provides 37.5" high visibility
  • Aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings
  • High-performance, 3-piece glass baffle pivots for easy cleaning
  • Cord-Keeper slots on left and right side of air foil
  • Powder-coated stainless steel tissue screen located directly below exhaust outlet
  • Powder-coated stainless steel 12.81" ID exhaust connection
  • Compliance: SEFA 1 and 8, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1, UL, CFR 29, Part 1910, NFPA 45

Fume Hoods by Labconco

  • Labconco Protector ClassMate Labconco Protector ClassMate
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  • Labconco Xpert Nano Ductless Exhaust Hood Labconco Xpert Nano Ductless Exhaust Hood
  • Labconco Protector XVS Ventilation Stations Labconco Protector XVS Ventilation Stations
  • Labconco Protector® Echo – Floor Mounted Labconco Protector® Echo – Floor Mounted
  • Exploson-Proof Ductless Fume Hood in Use Powder-Coated Explosion-Proof Ductless Fume Hood
  • Hardwall Modular Cleanroom with Multiple Suites Multi-Suite Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
  • Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods by Labconco Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods by Labconco
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Laminar Flow and Fume Hoods FAQs

Laminar Flow and Fume Hoods FAQs

Laboratory hoods serve a number of critical purposes in the lab environment.

Product protection from particulate contaminants in the lab environment, including microbes

Such hoods, often called laminar flow workstations or clean benches, use a flow of HEPA-filtered air to prevent influx of viable and non-viable particles into the enclosure and to sweep away any contaminants generated by the work process.

Protection of personnel and lab environment from substances generated inside the enclosure

For fume containment, laboratory fume hoods use a ducted ventilation system that maintains negative pressure. Where ducting is impractical, ductless hoods are also available for removal of non-hazardous contaminants (fumes or particles), using either HEPA or activated carbon filters.

Protection of product, operator and environment

Biological safety cabinets combine aspects of both hood types: a laminar flow of micro-filtered air and negative-pressure containment of bio-hazard fumes.

Laminar Flow Hoods
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Airflow Diagram

Laminar flow hoods (also called laminar flow clean benches) force air through a HEPA or ULPA filter to create a clean work area free of nearly all contaminating particulates, including bacteria, mold spores and many viruses. These hoods use a vertical or horizontal airflow design. Both provide excellent protection of products from particulates and cross-contamination, but do not protect the operator or environment.

So why choose one over the other? Vertical laminar flow hoods (VLF Hoods) require less floor space, but more overhead clearance. In addition, a sash at the front of the VLF hood provides a barrier between air exiting the hood and the operator’s face. VLF hoods create turbulent air flow when air strikes the work surface, requiring sterile work to be performed above the work surface.

HLF hoods minimize air turbulence (and particle backflow) on the work surface except where equipment disrupts the horizontal airflow. However, they direct the airflow directly at the operator’s face and require more depth to accommodate placement of the fan filter unit at the rear of the hood.

Read more about the differences between horizontal and vertical laminar flow hoods

Fume Exhaust Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods draw air from the environment through the opening of the hood, allowing environmental contaminants into the work area. Thus, lab fume hoods do not offer a sterile environment or product protection. Instead, chemical fume hoods are designed to protect the operator from dangerous or irritating fumes and powders generated from work performed inside the hood.

In ducted fume hoods and canopy fume hoods, air passes out of the hood through a duct leading to an in-house ventilation system that contains and/or neutralizes hazardous materials.

Ductless Exhaust Hood Air Flow Diagram

In ductless fume hoods, fans draw exhaust air through a series of filters that remove irritating substances before release back into the room. Since these filters are not 100% efficient in removing all substances, ductless fume hoods are not advised in the presence of biohazards; however, they provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for operations involving irritating but non-hazardous fumes in facilities where an in-house HVAC system cannot be accessed.

Biosafety Cabinets

Biological Safety cabinets combine design aspects of both laminar flow and fume hoods. Filtered air is directed downward onto the work surface and then travels into a plenum through openings on the front and sides of the hood. Depending on the classification of the biosafety hood, some percentage of air is recirculated through a HEPA filter while the rest is directed out of the hood through an exhaust system. Thus, biosafety cabinets offer operator, environmental and product protection.

These laboratory safety cabinets (sometimes called IV hoods or compounding hoods) are ideal when preparing sterile medications such as chemotherapeutic agents that may pose a risk to the operator.

BSCs, BSLs, and ISO Classes

When it comes to working with hazardous or potentially infectious material, protecting personnel must be the primary concern. However, offering personnel protection does not have to come at the cost of risking product integrity. Class II BSCs provide protection to both personnel and product simultaneously. They maintain an ISO class 5 clean work area for product manipulation, while ensuring that exhaust air is filtered and ducted out of the environment. Thus, a class II BSC is the ideal solution when working with moderately hazardous material and both personnel and product safety are required.

Read more about these lab hoods here regarding their biological safety rating

Tempered Glass Walls

Extra-tall ¼" thick tempered glass walls on all four sides of Protector ClassMate Fume Hoods provide a clear view of contents and demonstration

Labconco Protector ClassMate Laboratory Fume Hoods Diagram

Labconco’s signature air foils help to eliminate turbulence along the edges where the air enters the fume hood. The foils are curved for operator comfort and feature perforations for increased flow and improved containment.

Labconco Protector ClassMate Laboratory Fume Hoods Baffle Plates

The 3-piece glass baffle directs airflow upwards to the exhaust outlet, serving as an exhaust plenum similarly to other Labconco fume hoods. Each section of the baffle can be pivoted for regular wipe-down or detached for periodic decontamination.
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Labconco Fiberglass Blower

    Constructed with a 304 stainless steel one-piece liner with coved corners, Protector Stainless Steel Radioisotope Hoods have no joints, crevices or cracks. Units effectively contain radiochemicals.
  • Remote Blower

    Labconco offers energy-efficient remote blowers with an ECM motor that handle airflow from 250 CFM to 3200 CFM satisfying various exhaust requirements
  • Standard Base Dual Door Cabinet

    Labconco's storage cabinets are constructed of epoxy-coated steel and have manual-closing, non-locking doors. Each cabinet can support up to 800 lbs. and includes an 8" filler panel to bridge any gap between cabinet and wall.
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