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115 V37.7"InstalledNoInstalled110410002 1538-33 55150 $7,83825-29 Days2
115 V37.7"InstalledNoInstalled110510002 1538-37 55163 $8,67425-29 Days3
115 V37.7"InstalledNoInstalled110610002 1538-41 55182 $9,51825-29 Days4
115 V37.7"InstalledNoInstalled110810002 1538-45 55217 $13,21625-29 Days5
115 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110410000 1538-30 55147 $7,03125-29 Days6
115 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110510000 1538-34 55151 $7,86825-29 Days7
115 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110610000 1538-38 55164 $8,71125-29 Days8
115 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110810000 1538-42 55191 $12,40625-29 Days9
230 V37.7"OptionalNoInstalled110410021 1538-32 55149 $7,67325-29 Days10
230 V37.7"OptionalNoInstalled110510021 1538-36 55162 $8,51725-29 Days11
230 V37.7"OptionalNoInstalled110610021 1538-40 55176 $9,35325-29 Days12
230 V37.7"OptionalNoInstalled110810021 1538-44 55216 $13,04625-29 Days13
230 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110410020 1538-31 55148 $7,03125-29 Days14
230 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110510020 1538-35 55155 $7,86825-29 Days15
230 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110610020 1538-39 55166 $8,71125-29 Days16
230 V37.7"OptionalNoOptional110810020 1538-43 55210 $12,40625-29 Days17
Duplex Outlet
Built-In Blower
Service Fixtures
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Product Details

• Aerodynamic design minimizes the exhaust rate necessary for containment for greater energy efficiency

• Meets and exceeds SEFA 1 standard for high-performance fume hoods

• Upper Dilution Air Supply provides passive airflow behind the sash to remove fumes that accumulate in the upper portion of the hood

• Tapered slot pattern on the Opti-Zone™ Baffle provides increased airflow at work surface level and center of the hood, where most fumes are generated

• Secondary Baffle Plate, hidden behind the Opti-Zone slotted baffle, guides airflow downward for smooth transition into the rear exhaust plenum

• Clean-Sweep™ Sash Handle has small cut-outs that channel additional inward airflow along the edge of the sash, pushing fumes away from the operator’s breathing zone

• Eco-Foil™ Air Foils are curved for operator comfort and improved aerodynamics, lowering energy usage

• Vapor-proof LED light fixture is sealed behind ¼”-thick safety glass to eliminate spark potential

• Open-bottom design allows for placement on any work surface or on a Labconco base stand

• Fiberglass-composite interior for chemical-resistance and low flame spread (less than 25 per ASTM E84)

• Sash stop allows 18”-high max clearance

• Controls for lights and blower are ADA-compliant

• Front and side panels are removable; utilities plumbing accessible from the front

• Protector XStream accessories can be retrofitted using Labconco kits for service fixtures, duplex outlets, Guardian Airflow Monitors, and Sash Stops

• Requires connection to an existing exhaust system with external blower (separately available)

Fume Hoods by Labconco

  • Protector Xtreme Laboratory Hood With Model Protector Xtream Laboratory Hood
  • xstream laboratory fume hood XStream Laboratory Fume Hood

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods

Labconco Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods

Protector XStream Horizontal Airflow Diagram

The external blower pulls outside air into the fume hood through the sash opening. The aerodynamic foils around the sash maintain horizontal airflow until the air enters the rear baffle, where the air flows downward and then back up to the exhaust vent.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Labconco Acid Storage Cabinet
    Acid storage cabinets are constructed of epoxy-coated steel with a corrosion-resistant, polyethylene interior coating. Each cabinet can support up to 800 lbs. and includes a vacuum-formed PVC tray to contain spillage inside the cabinet.
  • Labconco Standard Base Storage Cabinet
    Constructed with a 304 stainless steel one-piece liner with coved corners, Protector Stainless Steel Radioisotope Hoods have no joints, crevices or cracks. Units effectively contain radiochemicals.
  • Labconco Coated Steel Blower
    Constructed with a 304 stainless steel one-piece liner with coved corners, Protector Stainless Steel Radioisotope Hoods have no joints, crevices or cracks. Units effectively contain radiochemicals.
  • Labconco Fiberglass Blower
    Constructed with a 304 stainless steel one-piece liner with coved corners, Protector Stainless Steel Radioisotope Hoods have no joints, crevices or cracks. Units effectively contain radiochemicals.
  • Labconco Spillstopper Work Surfaces
    These dished work surfaces are made of corrosion-resistant epoxy resins for durability and a smooth finish. Pass-through holes for venting and plumbing are predrilled into the rear portion of the surface (cut-outs for cup-sinks are optional).

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