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115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledNoInstalledProtector Premier100400002 3649-04 55824 $9,1265-7 Days2
In stock
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledNoInstalledProtector Premier100500002 3649-16 55851 $10,11525-29 Days3
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledNoInstalledProtector Premier100600002 3649-26 55864 $11,1315-7 Days4
In stock
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledNoInstalledProtector Premier100800002 3649-39 55880 $14,98425-29 Days5
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledYesInstalledProtector Premier100400042 3649-11 55828 $11,45825-29 Days6
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledYesInstalledProtector Premier100500042 3649-22 55857 $12,81925-29 Days7
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7InstalledYesInstalledProtector Premier100600042 3649-34 55870 $14,27825-29 Days8
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100400000 3649-00 55821 $8,10125-29 Days9
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100500000 3649-13 55833 $9,07325-29 Days10
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100600000 3649-24 55860 $10,09325-29 Days11
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100800000 3649-36 55875 $13,93825-29 Days12
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100400040 3649-05 55825 $10,40825-29 Days13
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100500040 3614-53 55852 $11,77325-29 Days14
115DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100600040 3649-28 55866 $13,18325-29 Days15
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100400020 3649-01 55822 $8,10125-29 Days16
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoInstalledProtector Premier100400021 3649-02 55823 $8,93025-29 Days17
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100400060 3649-07 55826 $10,40825-29 Days18
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesInstalledProtector Premier100400061 3649-09 55827 $11,25525-29 Days19
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100500020 3649-14 55836 $9,07325-29 Days20
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoInstalledProtector Premier100500021 3649-15 55838 $9,88625-29 Days21
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100500060 3649-18 55854 $11,77325-29 Days22
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesInstalledProtector Premier100500061 3649-20 55856 $12,60525-29 Days23
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100600020 3649-25 55861 $10,09325-29 Days24
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoInstalledProtector Premier100600021 3649-27 55862 $10,92125-29 Days25
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100600060 3649-30 55868 $13,18325-29 Days26
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesInstalledProtector Premier100600061 3649-32 55869 $14,01125-29 Days27
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoOptionalProtector Premier100800020 3649-37 55877 $13,93825-29 Days28
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalNoInstalledProtector Premier100800021 3649-38 55878 $14,77825-29 Days29
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100400050 3649-06 55903 $10,40825-29 Days30
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesInstalledProtector Premier100400051 3649-08 55904 $11,25525-29 Days31
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100500050 3649-17 55906 $11,77325-29 Days32
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesInstalledProtector Premier100500051 3649-19 55907 $12,60525-29 Days33
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesOptionalProtector Premier100600050 3649-29 55909 $13,18325-29 Days34
230DuctedPowder-Coated Steel31.7OptionalYesInstalledProtector Premier100600051 3649-31 55910 $14,01125-29 Days35
Frame Material
Duplex Outlet
Built-In Blower
Service Fixtures
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Product Details
  • One-piece, fiberglass interior liner for easy cleaning and durability; corrosion- and chemical-resistant
  • Meets SEFA-1 standard for high-performance fume hoods, operable at face velocities as low as 60 fpm
  • By-pass airflow design and aerodynamic foils help to smooth out airflow around the edges of the sash opening and reduce energy costs
  • Labconco’s Eco-Foil™ Air Foil reduces the load on the blower
  • Labconco’s Clean-Sweep™ openings reduce turbulence along the bottom edge of the sash
  • Side panels are removable for ease of installation (see Labconco installation video)
  • Interior hood surfaces have a flame spread less than 25, per ASTM E-84
  • 37.5”-tall front window for a clear view of the entire work surface
  • Cord-Keeper™ slots on either side of the sash for tucking away wires and tubes
  • Service fixtures can be installed in the factory-prepped panels on either side of the hood
  • Includes a vapor-proof light fixture and 12.81” ID fiberglass exhaust connection
  • Requires work surface and exhaust blower/ductwork (sold separately)

Fume Hoods by Labconco

  • 8ft Labconco Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hood 8ft Labconco Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hood
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Learn More: Labconco Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hoods

Labconco Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hoods

4ft Labconco Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hood

Labconco's Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hoods require significantly less energy than typical fume hoods; shown with optional work surface/cabinet.

Protector Premier Laboratory Hood

Ideal for laboratories dealing with potentially explosive and/or flammable atmospheres Shown with base cabinets and model

8ft Labconco Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hood

Labconco's Protector Premier Laboratory Fume Hood is available in various widths up to 8' (built-in blower is not available on 8' models).

Premier Fume Hood Specs Chart

Premier Hood Built-in Blower Specs Chart

Premier Fume Hood Diagram

Catalog of CE-Marked Products

Terra offers over 1,700 CE-marked products configured for international voltage requirements
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Labconco Spillstopper Work Surfaces

    These dished work surfaces are made of corrosion-resistant epoxy resins for durability and a smooth finish. Pass-through holes for venting and plumbing are predrilled into the rear portion of the surface (cut-outs for cup-sinks are optional).
  • Labconco Acid Storage Cabinet

    Acid storage cabinets are constructed of epoxy-coated steel with a corrosion-resistant, polyethylene interior coating. Each cabinet can support up to 800 lbs. and includes a vacuum-formed PVC tray to contain spillage inside the cabinet.
  • Labconco Solvent Storage Cabinet

    Solvent storage cabinets are insulated and include two vent connections to ensure safe storage of flammable liquids. Double-wall construction uses epoxy-coated steel for durability. Models with self-closing doors are available.
  • Labconco Corrosive Resistant Remote Blower

    Labconco supplies coated steel blowers designed specifically for connection to Class I containment enclosures, including XPert, RXPert, Protector XVS, and Purifier HEPA Filtered Safety Enclosures. Explosion-proof versions also available
  • Labconco Fiberglass Blower

    Constructed with a 304 stainless steel one-piece liner with coved corners, Protector Stainless Steel Radioisotope Hoods have no joints, crevices or cracks. Units effectively contain radiochemicals.
  • Remote Blower

    Labconco offers energy-efficient remote blowers with an ECM motor that handle airflow from 250 CFM to 3200 CFM satisfying various exhaust requirements
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