Benchtop Exhaust Fume Hoods

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Features and Benefits

BioSafe® WhisperFlow Hoods: One-Piece Design With Seamless Tracks

BioSafe® Whisper Flow Hoods feature a one-piece design free of cracks or crevices that harbor microbes and contaminants. Surface are easy to wipe down, resistant to alcohol-based cleaners and harsh biocides.

HEPA-Filtered Reverse Flow Fan Unit

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter Fan Unit provides clean micro-filtered air, shown in reverse-flow hood that captures contaminants generated in the work area for safe cleanroom release.

Recessed LED Lighting Illuminates Work Area

Laminar flow hoods include durable and long-lasting LED lighting to illuminate the work area. The LED strip is positioned behind the front shield to prevent direct exposure to the operator's eyes.

Versatile Removable Panels

Removable side-panels increase the versatility of your hood by improving visibility plus simplifying equipment access. The side-panels are lined with foam gasket and slide into the hood’s frame for a simple yet effective seal. Easily configure with power cord passthroughs and choose application specific panel materials to support required conditions inside the hood.

Tilt-Up Sash

Tilt-up sash enhances laminar airflow and prevents air from blowing directly at the operator’s face. Static-dissipative PVC material resists chemicals and eliminates particle attraction from static charges.

Integrated Status Indicator Light

Operation status indicator (OSI) light glows continuously when hood is plugged in and turned on to confirm filtration unit is operational. The OSI blinks when the unit is plugged in but switched off.

Dual Ventilation Blower with Quick-Release Clips

Dual fans ensure fast, efficient ventilation of micro-contaminants. Quick-release clips along the polyproylene filter housing allow fast, easy filter replacement; unit lifts off hood for easy servicing.

Swinging Vane Anemometer

An air speed monitor is built into the body of the hood at the sash-level. Operators can verify safe exhaust speeds before beginning fume-generating work beneath the hood.

Dual Exhaust Fans

Powerful blowers draw fumes upward through carbon and HEPA filters before releasing the air back into the room. Outside air backfills into the hood through the sash opening, preventing the escape of fumes.

Top-Tier Clients

Terra’s key customers include some of the largest research labs, production facilities and universities in the world

Global Customer Base

At Terra, we are committed to providing top-tier equipment to customers throughout the world. Over the past 5 years, clients in over 100 countries have purchased equipment from Terra.

Industry-Leading Product Quality

At Terra, we strive to produce the highest quality products for our customers. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment, over 45 years of engineering expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.
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