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Fire Detection Multi-Spectral IR Flame Detector; Installed in Modular Cleanroom
Product Details
  • Multi-Spectral IR sensitivity (.7-1.1 and 1.2-3.5 micron wavelengths) detects even very small
  • Flames
  • Field of view: 120° within 8 feet (2438 mm) of fire area
  • Multi-Spectral IR electro-optical flame detector system senses all hydrocarbon and
  • Non-hydrocarbon fires, even through the gases and vapors found in chemical wet benches
  • System requires multi-spectral IR sensor/s and PLC controller (6704-25) ordered separatel

Type: Safety

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: None

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Package Type: Box

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Features and Benefits

Learn More: Fire Safety Solutions

Cleanroom Fire Safety Solutions: Detection and Suppression Systems

Effective fire detection requires careful placement of sensors capable of detecting all kinds of fires, large and small, often in the presence of chemical vapors that restrict visibility. This is exactly the capability provided by the FS System 7 Fire Detection System listed below.

CO2 or Water Suppression?

The FS System 7 is ideal for semiconductor wet bench applications, as well as pharmaceutical or chemical mixing operations involving flammable materials.

In these applications, a CO2-based fire suppression system can be integrated with FS System 7 to ensure that any fire that exceeds the critical 14 kW energy level is promptly extinguished. The dual-level response of this system provides an opportunity for very small (4kW - 13kW) fires to self-extinguish before a fire suppression system is activated. In wet benches and mixing stations, CO2 nozzles can be installed so that their discharge affects only fire-likely locations.

Whatever your applications, Terra engineers will work with you to determine the fire suppression system most appropriate to your requirements, as well as to local fire codes.

Fire Suppression Water Sprinkler

Installed at user-selected overhead locations. Includes sprinkler heads only; water lines and installation must be furnished through a licensed plumber in accord with local fire codes.

FS System 7 Fire Detection System
  • The ideal monitoring system for wet benches, exhaust fume lines, and other potentially hazardous cleanroom equipment involving volatile chemicals
  • Multi-spectral IR flame detector senses all types of fires, even through gases and vapors
  • Electro-optical sensor design meets Factory Mutual (FM) requirements
  • Sensor range of 120° within 8 feet (2438 mm) allows a pair of sensors to monitor most cleanroom processes thoroughly
  • PLC module includes warning light and alarm, fire siren, and low-voltage output to activate fire suppression system (order separately)
  • Unique FirePic™ software stores the pre-fire and actual fire detector-sensor spectral data from the last six fire events in nonvolatile memory for subsequent analysis

The FS System 7 electro-optical fire detectors provide an intelligent, two-stage response to fires. This allows time for the fire to self-extinguish, thereby averting equipment shutdown and the costly destruction of work in process. This two-stage response alerts that a fire exists, provides fast detection response should the fire not self-extinguish, and initiates suppression, if necessary.

Unique Two-Stage Fire Response
Fire Detection System Function

ALERT-1™: This first-stage response triggers external audible and visual signals when a fire with a heat energy output of 3 kW (the equivalent of a 4-inch (102 mm) diameter polypropylene pool fire) is exceeded. These alarms alert the operator that a fire exists before suppression begins, but gives non-hazardous fires time to self-extinguish before invasive fire suppression is activated. The FS System 7 fire detector will record a time- and date-stamped FirePic™ digital fire signature. This numerical spectral evidence enables analysis of the probable cause of the fire event for use in preventing a subsequent, damaging fire.

ALARM-2™: If the fire does not self-extinguish, and grows to the second-level heat energy threshold of 13 kW (the equivalent of an 8-inch (203 mm) diameter polypropylene pool fire), this second-stage response signals suppression release. In applications with wet benches, electrical power is shut down. In systems that incorporate electronic CO2 extinguishers, a low-voltage signal activates fire suppression. A FirePic™ is again recorded to provide information for use in analyzing the cause of the fire.

The fire detectors are digital, 100% solid-state with quantum electro-optical multi-spectral Wide Band IR (1.2 - 3.5 micron band width), Near Band IR (.7 - 1.1 micron band width), and Visible Band sensor array, (0.4 - 3.5 micron band width). This broad bandwidth sensitivity allows it to detect all hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires, even through the gases and vapors found in chemical wet benches. Detectors are housed in a heat-sealed, Clean Room Class-1 rated polypropylene material to protect against acids or caustics. It requires no field calibration or other maintenance. Sensor Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.2" x 1.7" (119 mm x 81 mm x 43 mm).

Fire Detection PLC Controller

FirePic™ software provides digital spectral data that enables analysis of the probable cause of a fire. It will store 6 fire events in non-volatile digital memory, 8 seconds of pre-fire, actual detector sensor spectral data, and time and date for each event. The stored data include a graphical display of the relative spectral intensities versus time preceding and during the fire. All data can be downloaded to PC via RS-232 serial port.

All part numbers above include installation. Call Terra for assistance in configuring an F7 Fire Detection System.

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