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  1. Cleanroom Security Storage Cabinets
    Some ship in 4 - 6 days
    CE Mark LogoCE Mark Logo
    1 Design1 Material2 Width2 Depth1 Height4 200mm Wafer Box Capacity

    Design: Free Standing
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Width: 48", 36"
    Depth: 24", 18"
    Height: 76"
    200mm Wafer Box Capacity: 40 Wafer Boxes, 15 Wafer Boxes, 30 Wafer Boxes, 20 Wafer Boxes
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    Stainless Steel Work-in-Progress (WIP) Racks
    Some ship in 1 - 3 days
    1 Material2 Width3 Depth4 Height4 Shelves2 Style

    • Secure storage rack protects WIP materials from breakage or contamination during processing
    • All 304 stainless steel construction won't particulate, wipes down without snags
    • 17° shelf slope ensures safe product positioning against rear retaining bar
    • Perforated stainless steel shelves minimize disruption to vertical laminar airflow
    • Ergonomic design increases productivity
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Width: 38", 48"
    Depth: 12", 18", 28"
    Height: 36", 48", 60", 72"
    Shelves: 2, 3, 4, 5
    Style: Rod, Perforated
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52 products meet your criteria.

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WIP Rack Features

WIP Storage Rack for Semiconductor Wafer Boxes

Terra’s stainless steel WIP storage rack is ideal for storage of semiconductor wafer boxes. The clean, secure design protects work-in-progress (WIP) materials from breakage and contamination during processing.

Perforated Shelves Optimize Laminar Air Flow

Flat perforated shelves are easy to wipe down and optimize vertical laminar flow of particle-free air inside a cleanroom. The decreased surface area also reduces particle build-up. Solid top shelves by comparison can block air flow and accumulate particulates more quickly.

ISO Cleanroom Compliant Storage Rack

Full stainless steel WIP storage racks comply with strict ISO cleanliness requirements for compatibility with ISO 5 Class 100 cleanrooms. Designed for maximum cleanliness, stability, and durability.

Open Shelf with Reverse Slope Helps Protect Sensitive Components

The front of the shelves are open without raised ledges to allow personnel to easily slide delicate components such as semiconductor wafer boxes. This helps prevent accidental drops and rough handling that could result in costly breakage. The 17° reverse slope shelf further improves safety by allowing stored contents to gently slide back toward the rear retaining bar.

WIP Rack Designs

  • WIP Rack; EP SS, 12" Shelf Clearance, 5 Perforated Shelves, 48" x 28" x 72"
  • WIP Rack; EP SS, 12" Shelf Clearance, 4 Perforated Shelves, 48" x 12" x 60"
  • Garbed person placing item on 304 stainless steel rod storage rack with 2 shelves WIP Rack; 12" Shelf Clearance, 2 Rod Shelves, 38" x 12" x 36"

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