Fire-Rated Controlled Atmosphere Storage

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    Fire-Rated Lab Safes
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    ISO 8 Icon
    ISO 8 Icon<br/>StockedStockedFire Rated IconFire Rated Icon
    1 Type1 Design1 Material1 Configuration3 Width2 Depth4 Height1 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8
    Type: High Security
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: Fire-Rated Steel
    Configuration: Fire Safe
    Width: 23", 27.5", 45.25"
    Depth: 20", 25"
    Height: 32", 44", 52", 63.5"
    ISO Class: ISO 8
  2. Double-Agent Desiccator™, High-Security, Fire-Rated
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    CE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoISO 7 IconISO 7 Icon
    2 Number of Chambers1 Chamber Width1 Chamber Depth1 Chamber Height3 Number of Drawers1 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    Number of Chambers: 3, 8
    Chamber Width: 16.625"
    Chamber Depth: 16.125"
    Chamber Height: 11.625"
    Number of Drawers: None, 1, 2
    ISO Class: ISO 7
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7 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Racks for Adjustable Shelf Storage Desiccators

Unlike common chrome-plated hardware, durable electropolished stainless steel racks for adjustable shelf storage desiccators help maintain a contamination-free storage environment. They resist corrosion and chipping/scratching from the sliding removable shelves.

Internal Keyed Steel Drawers

Drawers inside the High-Security Storage Desiccator safe provide secure, fire-safe storage of documents and small valuables. Locking drawers are 4.5” tall.

Locking Chrome Bolts on High-Security Desiccator

One-inch-diameter chrome bolts interlock with recesses built into the safe’s perimeter.

Fire-Rated Controlled Atmosphere Storage

  • Fire-rated Desiccator Safe Security Desiccator Safe
  • Leveling your Desiccator
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