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8 Chambers16.625"16.125"11.625"2 Drawers 6500-22 $9,04230-36 Days
3 Chambers16.625"16.125"11.625"None 6500-20 $3,47330-36 Days
3 Chambers16.625"16.125"11.625"1 Drawer 6500-21 $3,64730-36 Days
Number of Chambers
Chamber Width
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Product Details

• Clean, dry storage with maximum security from tampering, theft, smoke and fire

• Self-locking doors with heavy-duty chrome bolts

• Electronic keypad locks after three incorrect tries

• Traceable entry records

• Select models include locking 4.25"-high internal drawers

• Fire-rated for 2 hours

• Maintains safe internal levels of heat (no more than 350°F) with external temperatures as high as 1700°F

• Anchor bolt attaches the safe to the floor

• Includes Terra SDPVC desiccator cabinet inside with fittings for nitrogen gas purging

• Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valves installed in desiccator cabinet to relieve overpressure

• Stainless steel racks included for mounting shelves (order shelves separately)

• Optional Dual Purge/NitroWatch humidity controllers maintain sub-ambient RH set-point (sold separately)

High-Security Double-Agent Desiccator™

Standard Features

  • A SDPVC Desiccator
    Prevents electro-static discharge (ESD) and particle attraction caused by surface charges
  • B High-Security, Fire-Resistant Safe
    High-Security, Fire-Resistant Safe; certified for 120 minutes of 1700°F (927°C) exposure
  • C Pull-out Locking Drawers
    Pull-out locking drawers above desiccator secure paperwork or other materials

Optional Features

  • 1 Dual Purge™ System
    Provides a variable flow of nitrogen purge gas: high to recover set point, low to conserve nitrogen
  • 2 NitroWatch® RH Controller
    Monitors internal humidity; activates a high-flow purge when RH climbs above set point

Not Shown: Shelves - Perforated stainless steel shelves

Not Shown: Nitrogen Generator - Provides an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate reliance on bulky gas canisters

Secure Storage Desiccators

  • Desiccators: Features and Design overview
  • Leveling your Desiccator
  • Fire-rated Desiccator Safe Security Desiccator Safe
Fire-rated Desiccator Safe

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Internal Keyed Steel Drawers

Drawers inside the High-Security Storage Desiccator safe provide secure, fire-safe storage of documents and small valuables. Locking drawers are 4.5” tall.

Locking Chrome Bolts on High-Security Desiccator

One-inch-diameter chrome bolts interlock with recesses built into the safe’s perimeter.

Desiccator Plenum Chamber For Uniform Gas Distribution

Multi-chamber desiccator cabinets include a perforated plenum to minimize back fill, ensure uniform gas distribution to all chambers and increase cabinet strength

Built-in Plenum Distributes Dry Gas to Each Chamber

Manual flowmeter or automated system controls nitrogen flow rates to maintain RH across entire cabinet. Built-in plenum distributes dry gas to each chamber.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Dual Purge and NitroWatch
    Terra’s Dual Purge and NitroWatch relative humidity controllers maintain a low-RH set-point inside a desiccator or glove box; they provide variable purge control that ensures continuous positive pressure and eliminates nitrogen waste.
  • Perforated Stainless Steel Shelf
    Adjustable electropolished 304 stainless steel shelves support weight loads of up to 45 pounds. Perforated shelf helps with consistent nitrogen distribution. Individually bagged to prevent surface contamination.

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