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Stocking Cubbies 304 Stainless Steel Dispensing Bin 20 Compartments ISO 6 4105-21 67560 $4,517 1-3 Days 2
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Stocking Cubbies 304 Stainless Steel Dispensing Bin 20 Compartments/ 1 Cabinet ISO 6 4105-24 75148 $6,325 1-3 Days 3
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Stocking Cubbies Cold Rolled Steel Dispensing Bin 20 Compartments ISO 7 4105-23 75141 $1,390 1-3 Days 4
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ISO Class
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
Product Details
  • Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinets by Terra Universal are ideal storage solutions for medical devices and other components
  • Heavy-duty bins with 20-compartments and front latched cover provide convenient access to materials and supplies
  • Rounded, smooth edges prevent snagging of sleeves or gloves when reaching into bins; promotes easy cleaning
  • Lifting Lids (made of static-dissipative PVC) give extra protection and reduce particle build-up inside the cabinet
  • Body of cabinet can be electrically grounded for storing microelectronics or other static-sensitive components
  • Material: Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel cabinets with SDPVC hinged lid
  • Dimensions: 43.25"W x 50.5"D x 25.75"H
  • Compartment dimensions: 10” wide by 10” tall (3” lip restricts height of opening to 7”)
  • 3 lip prevents small and loose items from rolling out
  • 24 deep bins offer ample room for long objects or large quantities
  • Order optional floor-stand with casters for mobility; raises the cabinet by 29.5”
  • Stands with leveling feet also available
  • Includes mounting hardware for securing cabinet from tipping and label holders for parts identification
  • Self-closing 316L stainless steel hinges help both hold open and tightly close doors, plus eliminate corrosion, flaking, and contamination that commonly occur with ordinary chrome-plated hinges
  • Contact a Terra representative for custom sizes and configurations
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

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  • Stand with Heavy-Duty Casters by Terra Universal

    Stand constructed of powder-coated steel is ideal for use with 20-compartment Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinets by Terra Universal
  • Electropolish Finish

    Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance and improves ease of cleaning with a smooth, reflective, mirror-like finish.
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